Ship’s Company


COSSACK, 1957-1958, Constructor Lt

Abbott. Bud


Adair. W.A

Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Imperial Defence College, Commanding Officer , 1951 – 1953, Captain DSO OBE RN, Joined the RN in January 1925. Between 1947 and 1948 was Naval Assistant to First Lord of the Admiralty – Cunningham


COSSACK, 1949, Chief Petty Officer, Chief Ordnance Artificer


COSSACK, 1953, Signalman,

Aldred (Punchy)

1957-1958, Able Seaman                                                  

Aldridge. J. I. 

1949 – 1950 Lt Cdr.


1945 – 1947 Commander (E) Flotilla Engineering Officer

Alexander. J.                      

COSSACK  1958 – 1959 T.O.                                           

Alexander Peter.T.              

Served on Cossack, Bulawayo, Birmingham, 1953- 1954, Telegraphist   In RN 1949 to 1956, Died 21st February 2010.

Allan. J.   (Darby)           

COSSACK  1958 – 1959 , Leading Seaman                                              

Allchorne. John F.              

P/JX282133 –  COSSACK   13.11.46 – 27.9.47, Tel TO.  Joined and left at Hong Kong, Returned to UK by EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND

Allen. T

COSSACK -1952-1954.-Leading Electricians Mate-Died 21 September 2000


COSSACK-1950-1951-Able Seaman TD3-TAS Division

Allwood. Cyril. Maurice Fransis

DMX 729103-COSSACK-1946-1947-Leading Wireman-Deputy Standard Bearer until 2005. Died 25.12.

Alston Jack R

COSSACK-1951-1953-Lt Cdr-First Lt

Anderson. Alfred


Anderson. Robert

C/SSX839894 – Served on GANGES, WRANGLER, COSSACK, PEMBROKE, ARTIFEX, PEMBROKE, BIRMINGHAM, NEPTUNE – Sept 1948 – 1956 – served as boy & Ordinary Seaman – Born 07/04/1933, No 2 Mess, Died 6.12.2010

Andrews Fred G

C/JX 359205 – ROYAL ARTHUR, SHRAPNEL (Aberdeen) SCOTIA, ELAND, PEMBROKE, FRANKLIN, PEMBROKE, COSSACK, PEMBROKE -13.7.42 to 22.7.46 – Ordinary Telegraphist, Telegraphist, Acting Leading Telegraphist  (Temporary), Released Class A-Worked for British Rail both before and after H.O. service, Died 24 October 2003


LREM-Left  17 December 1953

Argles. L.W

HMS Devonshire, promotion course, RN College, Greenwich [HMS President], promotion course, Portsmouth, HMS Wolfshound (destroyer) (Home Fleet), HMS Wild Swan (destroyer) (Mediterranean), RN Barracks, Portsmouth, First Lieutenant, HMS Fury (destroyer), Commanding Officer, HMS Chiddingfold (escort destroyer), HMS President (for special and miscellaneous duties) CO, HMS Vigilant (destroyer) RN Barracks, Portsmouth [HMS Victory] RN College, Dartmouth [HMS Britannia] Commanding Officer, HMS Lochinvar (RN base, Port Edgar) HMS Cossack HMS President, RN Barracks Chatham 19.4.29 – Retired on 10.06.1961,  Born 18 July 1911,  Died at Camden London November 1986

CBE-10.06.1961-HM’s birthday 61,  DSC-21.08.1945-bombardment of Andamans, MID-03.04.1942-Operation Archery (raid on Vaagso Islands 27.12.41), MID-18.09.1945-Japanese destroyer sunk 05.45



Armstrong. George. R

COSSACK-1958-1959-Able Seaman-


COSSACK-1952–Able Seaman-

Ashton. Eric


Ashton. E. S


Atkinson. G.R.M

COSSACK-1949-1951-Leading Telegraphist-

Atterwell. L.E

COSSACK-1949-1951-PO Stoker-


COSSACK-1950-1951-Able Seaman RP-No 2 Mess



Aylen. Ian  G