Ship’s Company


COSSACK, 1957-1958, Constructor Lt

Abbott. Bud


Adair. W A

Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Imperial Defence College, Commanding Officer , 1951 – 1953, Captain DSO OBE RN, Joined the RN in January 1925. Between 1947 and 1948 was Naval Assistant to First Lord of the Admiralty – Cunningham


COSSACK, 1949, Chief Petty Officer, Chief Ordnance Artificer


COSSACK, 1953, Signalman,

Aldred (Punchy)

1957-1958, Able Seaman                                                  

Aldridge. J I 

1949 – 1950 Lt Cdr.


1945 – 1947 Commander (E) Flotilla Engineering Officer

Alexander. J                      

COSSACK  1958 – 1959 T.O.                                           

Alexander. Peter T              

Served on Cossack, Bulawayo, Birmingham, 1953- 1954, Telegraphist   In RN 1949 to 1956, Died 21st February 2010.

Allan. J  (Darby)           

COSSACK  1958 – 1959 , Leading Seaman                                              

Allchorne. John F              

P/JX282133 –  COSSACK   13.11.46 – 27.9.47, Tel TO.  Joined and left at Hong Kong, Returned to UK by EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND

Allen. T

COSSACK -1952-1954.-Leading Electricians Mate-Died 21 September 2000


COSSACK-1950-1951-Able Seaman TD3-TAS Division

Allwood. Cyril Maurice Fransis

DMX 729103-COSSACK-1946-1947-Leading Wireman-

Association Deputy Standard Bearer until 2005. Died 25.12.

Alston Jack R

COSSACK-1951-1953-Lt Cdr-First Lt

Anderson. Alfred


Anderson. Robert

C/SSX839894 – Served on GANGES, WRANGLER, COSSACK, PEMBROKE, ARTIFEX, PEMBROKE, BIRMINGHAM, NEPTUNE – Sept 1948 – 1956 – served as boy & Ordinary Seaman – Born 07/04/1933, No 2 Mess, Died 6.12.2010

Andrews Fred G

C/JX 359205 – ROYAL ARTHUR, SHRAPNEL (Aberdeen) SCOTIA, ELAND, PEMBROKE, FRANKLIN, PEMBROKE, COSSACK, PEMBROKE -13.7.42 to 22.7.46 – Ordinary Telegraphist, Telegraphist, Acting Leading Telegraphist  (Temporary), Released Class A-Worked for British Rail both before and after H.O. service, Died 24 October 2003


LREM-Left  17 December 1953

Argles. L W

HMS Devonshire, promotion course, RN College, Greenwich [HMS President], promotion course, Portsmouth, HMS Wolfshound (destroyer) (Home Fleet), HMS Wild Swan (destroyer) (Mediterranean), RN Barracks, Portsmouth, First Lieutenant, HMS Fury (destroyer), Commanding Officer, HMS Chiddingfold (escort destroyer), HMS President (for special and miscellaneous duties) CO, HMS Vigilant (destroyer) RN Barracks, Portsmouth [HMS Victory] RN College, Dartmouth [HMS Britannia] Commanding Officer, HMS Lochinvar (RN base, Port Edgar) HMS Cossack HMS President, RN Barracks Chatham 19.4.29 – Retired on 10.06.1961,  Born 18 July 1911,  Died at Camden London November 1986

CBE-10.06.1961-HM’s birthday 61,  DSC-21.08.1945-bombardment of Andamans, MID-03.04.1942-Operation Archery (raid on Vaagso Islands 27.12.41), MID-18.09.1945-Japanese destroyer sunk 05.45



Armstrong. George R

COSSACK-1958-1959-Able Seaman-


COSSACK-1952–Able Seaman-

Ashton. Eric


Ashton. E S


Atkinson. G R M

COSSACK-1949-1951-Leading Telegraphist-

Atterwell. L E

COSSACK-1949-1951-PO Stoker-


COSSACK-1950-1951-Able Seaman RP-No 2 Mess



Aylen. Ian  G



30th Assault Unit, Home Fleet Engineering Officer, MAIDSTONE, MANADON, THEODORE, TYNE

Admiral Superintendent Rosyth Dockyard-November 1946-September 1948.-Commander (E) CB OBE DSC-Flotilla Engineer Officer.  Made Rear Admiral. Died 5 November 2003 Aged 93

Back. P

COSSACK-1954-1955-Ordinary Seaman-



Bailey. Maurice


Bain Gus

COSSACK-1949-1950-Ordinary Seaman-


COSSACK-1957-1958- LSBA-14 Mess

Baker Arthur. L “Pash”

COSSACK-1948-1951-Stoker Mechanic. -Died 2012

Baker. L

COSSACK-1958-1959-SPO (V)-

Ball. “Jonny”

COSSACK-1947-1949–3 Mess


COSSACK-1948–Leading Seaman-

Banham. K

COSSACK-1958-1959-Ordinary Seaman-

Barber. J

COSSACK-1958-1959-Leading Seaman-




COSSACK-1949-1950-Boy Seaman-

Barker. A


Barlow. Leslie


Boy Seaman 1947 , Yangste incident, Korea, Fleet Reserve-1947 – 1957, Died 29 November 2006 aged 74

Barnard. A. E.

COSSACK, 1947, 1950, Able Seaman,


COSSACK, 1957, 1958, M(E),

Barratt. G.G.

COSSACK, 1946, 1947, Able Seaman,

Barrett. T.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Petty Officer,

Barrett. W (Bill)

COSSACK, 1948, 1951, Stoker,

Barrett W.

CSKX870497, COSSACK, CROSSBOW, , , Stoker Mechanic, Joined RN 1947 and left 1952. Living in Australia.(2012)

Barrett. William

COSSACK, Stoker, Joined RN 1949 and left 1952

Bartholomew  F. W.  (Bill)

C/JX795529, COSSACK, 1947, 1948, Ordinary Seaman, Transferred to Supply  (Victualing) to become a caterer. Boatswains Mate/Tanky. Later became RN Recruiting Officer for Lincoln area. Set up Association website in 1999 which has won two awards. Died 24 March 2007.

Bartlett.  Frederick William George

COSSACK, Electric Branch, Made Commander. Died  27 July 2002 aged 88

Bartlett, H. J.

COSSACK, Feb 51, 1951, Lt Cdr DSC, Flotilla STASO. At ‘ETHELl MOLLER’ incident 12.5.1950

Bartley Dave

COSSACK, 1947, 1950,

Barton Fred. H.

COSSACK, 1951, 1953, Able Seaman, Died 4 March 2009.

Barton Fred “Dick”

C/SSX 837799, COSSACK, CLEOPATRA, 1947, 1954, Able Seaman RC2, Joined RN 1947 and left in 1954

Barton. N.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, E.A. 1,

Batchelor. D.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, M (E),

Batchelor. Edward (Ted)

COSSACK, 1951, 1954, Able Seaman, Quarterdeck football team 1952, Died 1988

Bate. L.J.

COSSACK, 1956, 1959, M.(E) 1,

Bath. G. R.

COSSACK, 1957, 1958, EA4,

Batty. John.

GANGES, COSSACK-1948 -1949-1951- Telegraphist-Lived in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Died 3 October 2007 in a nursing home in Blackpool UK. His wife Joy died in 1994.

Baxter  (Big Jim)

COSSACK 1957 1958 Petty Officer

Beavis  (B)

COSSACK 1957 1958 Ordinary Seaman

Beckham. Ronald

COSSACK 1949 1951 Stoker Bedding COSSACK 1946 1947 Able Seaman

Begg.  Donald. Coates

MX 502005, VICTORY 27.04.43 – 29.07.43, SALOR (MCF) 30.07.43- 22.12.43, ORLANDO (Anguilla) 23.12.4 –16.04.44, ORLANDO (Anguilla) 1.10.44 -22.2..45, EAGLET (Anguilla) 1.4.45-5.7.45, EAGLET (Anguilla) 16.9.45- 26.10.45, EAGLET (Anguilla) 9.2.46-18.2.46, VICTORY 1.7.46-25.7.46, GOLDEN HIND 30.7.46 , 29.7.43, GOLDEN HIND (LEWES) 22.12.43-15.4.44, GOLDEN HIND 30.9.44-21.2.45, COSSACK (TYNE) 31.3.45-4.7.45,COSSACK (TAMAR) 15.9.45-25.10.45,??????????? 8.2.46-17.2.46, VICTORY 30.6.46-24.7.46, 29.7.46, 19.12.46, ERA, Released, From Stockton on Tees

Begg. V.C.

COSSACK, 25. 8. 1950, 12 .11. 1951, Captain DSC RN, Commanding Officer


COSSACK, , 1953, Stoker Mechanic, Ran the 1 ½ mile race for the ship

Bickley. J.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Able Seaman,


COSSACK, 1946, 1947, Leading Wireman

Bishop. John. W (Bish)

C/SSX 849613, ROYAL ARTHUR, PEMBROKE 25.2.48-28.4.48, ZEST 2.6.49- 27.6.49, PEMBROKE 15.7.49-7.11.49, BICESTER 7.3.50-2.5.50, BICESTER 26.5.51-19.11.51, PEMBROKE 22.5.52-8.8.52, TAMAR 17.10.53- 7.11.53, COSSACK 18.1.55-14.5.55, PEMBROKE, 27.4.48-1.6.49, FULMAR 26.6.49-14.7.49, FULMAR 6.11.49-6.3.50, PEMBROKE 18.11.51-21.5.52, GORREGAN 7.8.52-16.10.53, DALSWINTON 6.11.53-17.1.55, PEMBROKE, 13.5.55-17.6.55, 1.5.50- 25.5.51 Ordinary Telegraphist, Telegraphist, Leading Telegraphist, Discharged to RFR,


COSSACK, 1954, 1955, Midshipman RNVR,

Blades. Len  “Razor”



1949, 1951, Able Seaman,  TD3  to Belfast


COSSACK , 1953, , POEL,

Bloom. A.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, T.O.,

Bloom. A.A.B.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Ordinary Seaman,

Bloomfield. N.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Able Seaman,

Blount. Alan.

C/SS946037, Joined RN Nov 1954, VICTORY Jan 1955, OCEAN June 1955, COSSACK Jan 1957, CHATHAM DOCKYARD, BIRMINGHAM Jan 1959, Left RN Dec 1958, Able Seaman, Captains Boat Crew


COSSACK, 1953, 1954, Leading Signalman,


COSSACK, 1957, 1958, Leading Seaman,

Boardman. J.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Ordinary Seaman,

Bodell. K.A.

COSSACK, 1946, 1947, Able Seaman,

Boland. M.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, T.O.,


COSSACK, , 1953, POSM, Ships diver


COSSACK, , 1953, CPO,


COSSACK, 1957, 1958, M(E), –

Bowden. I.R. (Rodney)

COSSACK, ZAMBESI, SURPRISE, PRESIDENT, VICTORIOUS, LLANDAFF, ENDURANCE, NORFOLK, MERCURY, 1953, 1955, Lt Cdr. Navigating Officer, Staff navigating officer to Captain (D), Served a period as Commander HMY Britannia. Made Captain RN LVO Died 2004

Bower. F.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, L.E.M.,

Bowles C. “Pop”

COSSACK, Onboard 8.3.46?, Boys  Jim,  COSSACK , 1957, 1958, Able Seaman,

Bradburn. Frank John

IMPREGNABLE, EMPEROR OF INDIA, EAGLE, WOLFHOUND, BULLDOG, ASHANTI, WANDERER, COSSACK, PEMBROKE BARRACKS, OSPREY, ST ANGELO, NEPTUNE, 1949, 1951, Petty Officer DSM TAS1, TAS Division, Died 21 March 2005 aged 92. Joined the RN in 1927 and served until 1953. Whilst serving onboard WANDERER as a leading Seaman HSD Wanderer found and sunk U-523 in August 1943 and U-305 on 17 January 144 – both in the North Atlantic.  Was awarded the DSM by King George VI at Buckingham Palace. Frank was Flotilla TASI onboard COSSACK from 1949 to 1951.  Due to leave the Navy in 1950 but was retained for an extra 18 months for the Korean war. On leaving the ship Captain V.C. Begg – Captain D- offered rank the manager’s job at a mineral bottling plant in Hong Kong; Frank declined.

Bradburn. John “Dasher”

926683, COSSACK 1955 – 1956, Submarines: CHEVIOT, STALKER, AUROCHS, ALDERNEY, Stoker ME1, Joined RN 1953 and left 1964. Living in Lower Broadheath (2012)

Bradby  D. J.

COSSACK, 1957, 1958, Lt,

Brady. T.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Able Seaman,

Braun F. “Buster”

COSSACK, , , , 6 Mess

Brennan. J.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Able Seaman, Ship’s Butcher. Buried at sea after drowning during the trip from shore to ship at Kadat. N. Borneo

Briggs. Arthur

COSSACK, , 1949, ,

Brind. A.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Ordinary Seaman,

Brines. J.

COSSACK, 1945, 1946, Able Seaman,

Bristow. C.

COSSACK, 1950, 1951, Mech. 3,


COSSACK, 1954, 1955, Signalman, Ran the long distance events in the Squadron Athletics in 1954

Britten (Brit)

COSSACK, 1957, 1958, Able Seaman,


COSSACK, 1957, 1958, L.M.(E),

Brooksbank (Jock)

COSSACK, 1957, 1958, Mechanican, Came from Malta

Brown. E.H.

COSSACK, 1947, 1949, Able Seaman, Died 16 October 1998

Brown Henry Moffat,  


Brown. J.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, R.O.,

Brown. P.

COSSACK, 1958, 1959, T.O.,

Brown. T.

COSSACK, 1954, 1955, REM 1, -Lives in Canada

Browning. H.W.S.

COSSACK, August 1945, 1946, Captain DSO OBE RN, Commanding Officer

Bruce-Gardyne. K. P.  

COSSACK, 1955, 1956, Lt , Made Commander RN

Budd. A. F. ‘Billy’

COSSACK, 1958, 1960, MEM1, Married Kathleen (Died 1957) Had four children Remarried to May. Died 6 March 2008

Buller. R.F.

COSSACK, , , Lt, Flotilla Communications Officer

Busby. Alexander  

P/K931274, Naval Base Portsmouth, COSSACK, ME1, Joined RN 1953 and left 1957. Living in Burton on Trent (2012)

Bryant. Jim

COSSACK, 1947, , CPO,

Bryant. Philip.D

St GEORGE (Isle of Man), BLACK PRINCE, DRAKE, PEMBROKE, GANGES, PADSTOW BAY, SHEFFIELD, BROADSWORD, COSSACK, June 1942-Nov. 1953, 3 years, June 1955, Boy 2nd Class, Boy 1st Class – Acting Leading Seaman, Petty Officer (RC1), Met Beryl his future wife. She was the daughter of one of the instructors. Returned to UK for discharge after 12 years. Died 25 June 2006.

Buck. Norman.

C/JX151923, GANGES, DRAGON, ASHANTI, ASHANTI, HALCYON, NIGER, MEYNELL, TRACKER, EXCELLENT, FULLERTON, GANGES, MANXMAN, TAMAR, COSSACK, Reserve Fleet Harwich, BROADSWORD, PEMBROKE, Boy, Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman, Leading Seaman, Petty Officer (AA2), Captain of the Quarterdeck, Petty Officer (AA2), Discharged to shore, At THETIS disaster, Dunkirk evacuation, Russian convoys, Instructor, Returned to UK on the Troopship ‘Dunena, Died 9 January 2008 and buried at Dovercourt

Budd.  A.

E/SK946476, COSSACK, 1958, 1959, M (E),

Budd. A. F.  (Billy)

COSSACK, 1958, 1960, MEM1, Died 7.3.08

Burke (Lofty)  

COSSACK, 1957, 1958, Leading Seaman,

Burn. A.  

COSSACK, 1954, 1956, Able Seaman,

Burns. George (Ginger),

JX377678, GANGES, PEMBROKE: FERRET (DIANELLA), HANNIBAL, NILE, FERRET, FERRET, PEMBROKE, PEMBROKE IV, (COSSACK): COSSACK, PEMBROKE, 9 Nov 42, Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman, National Service Grade Card Reg No. NWZ 11888 dated 18 Sep 42. War Gratuity Form S.1599 completed at HMS Pembroke No. 46257 dated 25 May 46, states that George Burns service was from 9 Nov 42 to 21 May 46,with a final release date of 16 Jul 46. Certificate of Service Form S.459 completed at Chatham Port No. JX377678 dated 9 Nov 42, states that George Burns engagement was entered under NS (AF) Act 1939.Died February 2008.


COSSACK, 1950, 1951, Gunner 2 Mess,


COSSACK, 1958, 1959, Lt, Hockey Team

Burton. Alf. H

SSX771106, COSSACK, CAVALIER, ANSON, CHEQUERS, LCT 4037, 1947, 1950, Able Seaman, B Gun, Bosuns Mate. On leaving the RN he went to Canada where he worked in the mines for 5 years. Returned to the UK and got married before moving to New Zealand for 10 years. Died 24 June 2010, Left wife and two daughters


COSSACK, 1957, 1958, M(E),

Busby Alexander

COSSACK, 1953, 1957, Stoker,

Butler. Colin

COSSACK, 1954, 1955, Leading Sick Bay Attendant,

Buxton. Lewis

COSSACK, , 1949, ,

Bye. George Ernest

C/JSX836733, MY 2248, BRAMBLE 1949, ALERT 1954, COSSACK 1956, 1950, Boy Seaman. Ordinary Seaman 1950., X Gun sweeper. Y Gun trainee and boats crew.  Chiefs’’ messman, Boys Mess/ 3 mess

Byles. A.R. COSSACK, 1955, 1956, Able Seaman,



COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later.

Cahill. D  

COSSACK 1947-1949 Able Seaman 3 Mess Chief Constable

Cain. Peter John  

COSSACK 1949-1951 Leading Signalman ROWENA TRIUMPH Died  17 January 2009 Was a Sea Cadet before joining as a Bounty Boy at the age of 16 and left the RN in 1953 to marry Joyce who he met on a blind date whilst on leave. After the RN he worked in insurance for Friends Provident in London and Dorking  


COSSACK 1951 Sight setter  

Caley. David G.

COSSACK 1944? Lt First Lt on first commission. Died in early 60’s

Campbell. P.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E  

Cambridge. Hughie

COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TD3 TAS Division


COSSACK 1948 Ordinary Seaman

Camp-Jermyon G.


Campling. R. W.  

COSSACK 1953-1955 Petty Officer M(E)    

Carbury. P.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 CPO  

Card Roger. J.

PJ/944343 COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman/Able Seaman Passed away August 2016 after suffering a heart attack and massive stroke which left him paralysed down one side.

Carlise  C.S.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Sub Lt

Callan. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman

Carpenter ‘Chippy’  

COSSACK 1954 Petty Officer Killed in a motorcycle accident in the UK  

Carter ‘Nick’  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TD2 TAS Division


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Telegraphist

Carter. F.G.  

COSSACK 1951-1953 Lt Cdr Commissioned Gunner. Died 2001  


COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman

Casey George  

1945 Boy Seaman COSSACK Dec 1947-1949 Jan 1950 Acting Leading Seaman Other ships include FORMIDABLE VENERABLE VENGENCE HARRIER DRYAD TRIUMPH COCKATRICE Dec.1954 Discharged to RFR Following discharge worked as a telecommunications engineer. Lived in Dunure Ayrshire. Wife Jean Died of heart attack 27 December 2003  

Caswell. J.S

P/JX 181992 GANGES 12.2.40-31.3.40 Boy 2nd Class IMPREGNABLE 1.4.40-4.7.40 St GEORGE 5.7.40-27.9.40 St GEORGE 28.9.40-29.1.41 Boy 1st Class VICTORY 30.1.41-6.2.41 QUEEN ELIZABETH 7.2.41-12.4.41 JERVIS 13.4.41-10.1.42 JERVIS 11.1.42-10.5.43 Ordinary Seaman JERVIS 11.5.43-12.10.43 Able Seaman VICTORY 13.10.43-19.1.44 VERNON 20.1.44-3.4.44 VICTORY 4.4.44-9.10.44 BRIDLINGTON 10.10.44-5.11.44 BRIDLINGTON 6.11.44-8.12.44 Acting Leading Seaman (Temp.) VICTORY 9.12.44-10.6.45 VICTORY 11.6.45-29.6.45 P & RT1 2nd Class FLYCATCHER MONAB9 30.6.45-31.7.45 Mobile naval air base support un NAB ROCK 1.8.45-5.11.45 SIMBANG 6.11.45-5.11.46 Leading Seaman (Temp) SULTAN 6.11.46-19.11.46 TAMAR 20.11.46-20.11.46 TAMAR 21.11.46-21.12.46 Leading Seaman COSSACK 22.12.46-25.10.47 VICTORY 26.10.47-17.2.48 DOLPHIN 18.2.48-8.6.48 THESEUS 9.6.48-9.9.48 DOLPHIN 10.9.48-20.6.49 VICTORY 21.6.49-6.8.49 VICTORY 7.8.49-6.8.50 Acting Petty Officer PTI (31.11.49) VICTORY 7.8.50-25.10.50 Petty Officer ARIEL 26.10.50-4.1.52 VICTORY II 5.1.52-31.1.52 VICTORY IV (JSSL) 1.2.52-2.9.54 VICTORY 3.9.54-10.10.54 C.S. Expired Died  January 2013    

Cavender. James Dennis

MX727739 ROYAL ARTHUR 30.10.44-14.11.44 Assistant Cook DUKE 15.11.44-19.12.44 PEMBROKE 20.12.44-12.8.45 Rated Cook  (S) 30.8.45 COSSACK (Pembroke) 13.8.45-15.10.45 COSSACK (Tyne) 16.10.45-30.6.46 COSSACK 1.7.46-8.10.46 PEMBROKE 9.10.46 Born 17 March 1926 in Greenwich and was a baker by trade


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Chalton. C.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 E.A. 1    

Champ. W.C.  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Boy Seaman

Champney. Mike  

COSSACK 1952 Sub. Lt Transferred to submarines ARTEMIS TRESPASSER SENTINEL ANDREW AUROCHS ALARIC – C.O. ORPHEOUS – C.O. Made Lt Cdr Died aged 71 4 September 2004  

Chang. Mr Jim  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Mess Boy About 60 years old. Stokers Mess

Chan Sai Hung  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Steward

Chang Yi  

COSSACK 1957 Mess Boy

Chappell C.P.  

COSSACK 1956-1957 Mechanical 1st Class

Chapple R.  

COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 Lt

Cheng Kim Wan  

COSSACK 1957-1959 Cook (S) Chinese L.E.P.

Cheng Wong  

COSSACK 1957-1959 Cook (S) Chinese L.E.P.


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer  

Chesson. E W  

COSSACK 1951-1954  Leading Seaman Died 16 May 2000    

Cheung Kwong Kwok

COSSACK 1957-1958 Steward Chinese L.E.P.


COSSACK 1954-1955 E. A Sprinter in the 1954 Squadron Athletics

Child. Barry  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Childs. A. J.  

COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Seaman Senior winner in the RN Boxing. Colony Championship Holder  

Chuter. B.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.        

Chu Yu Tse  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Dhoby No 1 Unofficial Chinese

Chung Shue Hing  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Sew-Sew No1 Unofficial Chinese

Chung Yen Sing  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Sew-Sew No2 Unofficial Chinese

Clark. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 L.M. (E)      

Clark. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Shpt 2  

Clark ( Nobby)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 REA1


COSSACK 1954-1955 Senior. Mechanic Came 2nd in the 3 mile race in the Squadron Athletics during 1954

Clayton. Ivan

C/JX843006 COSSACK ?  1947 Petty Officer ADAMANT CHEVIOT BRUSE CHEVIOT COSSACK 1960 Joined RN 1948 and left 1960  


COSSACK 1953 Yeoman


COSSACK 1955-1956  


COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman Played football for RN

Colebrook. R  

COSSACK 1951-1954  Leading Telegraphist Died 22 June 1995

Coleman. J. (Speedy)  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 L.M.(E)    



Collins (Jumper)

COSSACK 1955-1956

Collinson. J.D.H. (Known as Hearne-Collinson)

COSSACK 1944-1946 Mid/Sub.Lt

Cook. Fred.

JX916820 Victoria Barracks 1.7.52-17.7.52 INDEFATIGABLE 18.7.52- PEMBROKE 3.12.52-27.8.53 SAVAGE 28.8.53-6.6.54 PEMBROKE 8.6.54-7.7.54 BIRMINGHAM 8.7.54-18.7.55 PEMBROKE 19.7.55-5.12.55 VERNON 6.12.55-18.1.56 OSPREY 19.1.56-14.3.56 PEMBROKE 15.3.56-25.4.56 GRENVILLE 26.4.56-28.8.57 VERNON 29.8.57-18.10.57 OSPREY 19.10.57-10.12.57 VERNON 11.12.57-10.6.58 COSSACK 11.6.58-24.2.59 Leading Seaman VERNON 25.2.59-6.9.60 GANGES 7.9.60-7.12.60   ROYAL ARTHUR 8.12.60-9.12.60 GANGES 10.12.60-26.3.61  VICTORY 27.3.61-7.7.61  Invalided out.      

Cook. M. S.  

COSSACK 1955-1956    

Cook. Michael

CSSX883270 COSSACK Yeoman of Signals CONSTANCE TRIUMPH Joined RN 1950 and left 19    

Coomer. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)    


COSSACK 1954-1955 Stoker Mechanic    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Elect.

Cooper. Fred. W.

C/KX859872 ROYAL ARTHUR 28.9.48-22.11.48 Stoker RALEIGH 23.11.48-22.3.49 PEMBROKE 23.3.49-20.4.49 TRIUMPH 21.4.49-27.8.49 TRIUMPH 28.8.49-10.11.50 Stoker Mechanic NEPTUNE 17.1.51-25.2.52 PEMBROKE 26.2.52-17.3.52 CAMPANIA 18.3.52-1.6.54 CAMPANIA 2.6.54-10.6.54 CAMPANIA 11.6.54-16.7.54 Acting Leading Stoker Mechanic PEMBROKE 17.7.54-21.7.54 NEPTUNE 22.7.54-16.8.54 PEMBROKE 17.8.54-7.11.54 RUSSELL 8.11.54-21.3.55 RUSSELL 22.3.55-10.5.55 Acting LM (E) PEMBROKE 11.5.55-2.6.55 COSSACK 3.6.55-10.6.55 COSSACK 11.6.55-25.8.56 LM(E) CHEVIOT 26.8.56-29.11.56 PEMBROKE 30.11.56-22.1.57 CHEQUERS 23.1.57-7.3.57 JUPITER 8.3.57-13.6.57 STALKER 14.6.57-13.2.58 PEMBROKE 14.2.58-20.2.58 LM(E) Discharge by purchase Joined RN 1948 and left 1958. Living in Farnborough Hants (2012)

Cooper. William Thomas

CJX 612517 IMPREGNABLE 1943 Signalman. Douglas Isle of Man 1944 Chatham Barracks NILE (camp in Alexandria) CROOME Chatham Landing craft COSSACK 1945-2.6.46 TERROR 1946 FORMIDABLE 1946 Joined Cossack from Chatham Barracks whilst she was being built at Vickers Yard. Was the signalman and lived in digs at Wallsend.   Onboard for maiden voyage to Malta via Gibraltar. Work up was carried out in Sliema Creek and the Med. Then through Suez to Singapore and Hong Kong. Was part of Task Force 57 when the Atom bombs were dropped   Left Cossack  2 June 1946 taking passage in Formidable for the UK via Singapore and Ceylon   Demobilised 1946.   Entered the 1948 Olympic Cycle Road Race in Royal Windsor Park.   Became Export Director for security lock and hardware company and spent the next 20 years in the Middle and Far East. Retired in 1990   Born 1925. Lives in Shaftsbury Dorset ( 2018)        

Corser. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    


COSSACK 1957-1958 LEM    

Coulstock. Ronald Fredrick  

COSSACK 1946-1947 Leading Seaman    


COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Signalman    

Cousins. George  

COSSACK 1948? Lt In 1948 dived over the side to rescue Jennie from the side party when her sampan got crushed between HMS CONSORT and COSSACK.  The other two members of the side party were killed.    


COSSACK 1950 Telegraphist  

Cowburn. Ivan Henry

C/SKX870499 COSSACK 20.9.40-18.11.51 ME1 1949 to 1952, stoker mechanic    

Cox. F.E.  

COSSACK Able Seaman Involved in the Ling-Young Affair    

Cox. G.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman    

Craddock. Frederick.  R

C/SSX889628 ST KITTS GANGES 1950-1951 COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman WIZARD 1956-1958 Gunner Joined RN 1950 and left 1959. Living on Gold coast Queensland Australia. (2012)    

Craft. A.J.  

COSSACK 1954-1955 Petty Officer Cook (S)


COSSACK 1958-1959 CPO

Crangle. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  


COSSACK 1954-1955 Lt Commander

Crawford (Biscuit)  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman TAS Member of hockey team

Crawshaw Stan  

COSSACK 1953-1954 Warrant Officer/Lt? MEON SUVLA LOCH FYNE BATTLEAXE and a number of shore establishments. Electrical radar specialist. Served in RN until 1967


COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman

Cresswell. Colin.  

COSSACK 1952-1953 Leading Stoker Mechanic VANGUARD PEMBROKE He joined the Navy in 1950 and trained as a Stoker at HMS Raleigh, serving on the Cossack in 1953. His rating on discharge, in December 1957 was Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic. Died 24 February 2017 aged 84

Croft. John  

COSSACK 1953-1955


COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman

Crosbie. A.G.F.  

COSSACK 1953-1955 Lt Made Commander OBE RN Died on 2nd April 2020.   Twin of Allen and brother of Anne Crocker.   Married to wife Rosemary for 67 years. Father of John and Susan Webborn (divorced).  Grandfather of 6 and great-grandfather.     Commander Crosbie served in Cossack (D57) as a Lieutenant 1953-55 and had been a member of our Association since 1996.  

Crossland  (Butch)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1953 CERA Mentioned in dispatches    

Cunnane Tom  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1950 CPO Telegraphist

Cushion. Fred.G.

C/SSK869883 COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman Died 1 June 2005.  His wife died a week later. Also served on King George V and left the Navy in 1956. He worked as a farm worker, long distance lorry driver and for British Airways Helicopters.  Had three children





COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    

Dale. C.A.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman      

Dalton. L.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 L.M.(E)      

Damerell. D.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman         

Darby. Allan  

COSSACK 1952-1954    

Dassow. A.  

COSSACK 1958-1959  Leading Seaman    

Davenport. Maurice  Robert.  (Bob)  

ROYAL ARTHUR August 1945 COSSACK 1946-1947 Stoker Mechanic Demobbed  March 1948 Worked for Daily Express and CAA. Played football for Brentford B Team Born  30 July 1927 Married Gladys in 1950. She died in 1992 Died 10 February 2007. Survived by three daughters (  Sue, Carol, Anne)  7 grand- children and 4 great-grandchildren  

Davidson. G.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    

Davidson. Mick.

COSSACK 1949-1951 Stoker Mechanic After the RN he worked at ICI in Middlesborough working his way up to manager level until he has to retire on being diagnosed with asbestosis. Died May 2013 leaving Step Daughter June    

Davies C.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E) Member of hockey team  

Davies. Dillwyn Morgan  

COSSACK 1945-1947 Writer Died July 2010. Dillwyn Morgan Davies served in HMS Cossack (D57) from 1945 to 1947 as Flotilla Staff   Writer On his ‘demob’ he returned home to Wales and moved to Pembroke where he met his wife Peggy.   He eventually took up teaching as a career, retiring in 1991 after 40 years, the last 20 years of which were spent as headteacher of two local schools.   He was well respected in the communities of Pembroke and Pembroke Dock having become a councillor in 1964.   He was elected Mayor of Pembroke on four separate occasions and was still a serving councillor at the time of his death in July 2010. Although he was unable to travel to Association reunions, he enjoyed reading the anecdotes published in the newsletter and the ‘Lighter Side’ tales were often used in the talks he gave to the various organisations with which he was connected. He was predeceased by his wife in 2009 and leaves three daughters.

Davies. I  

COSSACK Died June 1994

Davies. (Len) L.W.  

COSSACK 1945-1946 Telegraphist Died 26 January 2003    

Davies. R.S.  

COSSACK 1950-1952    

Davis (Professor) J. O.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 ERA    

Day. Jim  ‘Happy’

JX912307 GANGES WIZARD COSSACK 1947-1949 Stoker Fell overboard at Shanghai and rescued by ship’s whaler. CHEVIOT AURIGA THERMOPYLAE AMPHION ANCHORITE Joined RN 1952 left 1964 as LRO (T). Living in West Australia. (2012)    

*Dearing. Robin Peter

C/J945288 Victoria Barracks 12.10.54-17.10.54 Junior Seaman OCEAN 18.10.54-3.4.55 PEMBROKE 4.4.55-17.6.55 COSSACK 18.6.55-28.10.55 COSSACK 29.10.55-25.8.56 Ordinary Seaman CHEVIOT 26.8.56-29.11.56 PEMBROKE 30.11.56-17.2.57 Able Seaman DRYAD 18.2.57-4.3.57 ROYAL ARTHUR 5.3.57-9.5.57 DRYAD 10.5.57-25.7.57 DRYAD 26.7.57-1.10.57 RP BELLERPHON 2.10.57-1.1.58 VICTORIOUS 2.1.58-21.1.60 DRYAD 22.1.60-4.8.60 DRYAD 5.8.60-12.9.60 RP 2 GRAFTON 13.9.60-12.7.61 PEMBROKE 13.7.61-16.10.61 LOWESTOFT 17.10.61-20.3.63 CROSSBOW 21.3.63-16.9.63 PEMBROKE 17.9.63-11.11.63 VICTORY 12.11.63-10.1.64 Born 29.4.38 in Gravesend, Kent. Volunteered for the RN 12.10.54. Hurt certificate 27.3.60. Wife. Joan    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1947  Able Seaman

Dennis. Warner Warren. (Willie)

COSSACK 1947-1949 Lt Cdr (1st Lt) Ships included MS DOLPHIN PERSEUS May 1938-1941 H28 DEVONSHIRE RODNEY REVENGE BULLDOG MENDIP – Commanding Officer Made Commander RN Naval attaché Chiang Kai-Shek 1949. Ling-Young Affair Died 15 December 2003    

Dennison. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    

Dewhurst. D.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 M.(E)    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Ch.M(E)

Dickie. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M.(E)    


COSSACK 1955-1956  COA    


COSSACK 1957-1958 LEM    

Dillan F. J.  

COSSACK 6 Mess    

Diplock  B.  (Dips)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 O.A. 4 Joined RN 1950 and left 1964    

Ditchfield. G.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    

Dobbs S.M  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman    

Dodd. Harry  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman Worked in the building trade Died from cancer at home in North Kyne Lincolnshire on 9 January 2006.    

Dodge. C.V.  

COSSACK 1951-1953 Engine Room Articifer    

Doherty. P.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Surgeon Lt    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Lt    

Donovan  (Don)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Supply Assistant (Victualling)    

*Donovan. J.P. “Paddy”  

Royal Hospital School Holbrook 1932 Acting Petty Officer Boy/ A.C. Boy ST VINCENT SOVEREIGN QUEEN ELIZABETH 1937 Ordinary Seaman NORFOLK 1939 Acting Leading Seaman/ A Petty Officer CW candidate RNB Portsmouth Sub Lt Sub Lt course 1941 LATONA 1941 AJAX USN ship July 1941 Convoy Ops Liverpool 1941 OBEDIENT 19412nd Lt (A/S and GCO)then1st Lt MTBs English Channel Dunnoon / Campeltown 1945 VERNON Long Course A/S CHEQUERS 1947  TAS1 Malta OSPREY 1948 Sea Trials staff VERNON 1949 COSSACK 1950-1952 Staff Officer VERNON OiC Mine and Mining Countermeasures Malta 1952 WOODBRIDGE HAVEN 1957 Lt Cdr Staff Officer Ministry of Transport (Troop ships) and RFAs Awarded MBE 1968 Died 25November 2011.    


COSSACK 1955-1956 REA    

*Douglas-Morris. Kenneth  

EREBUS 1937 RN ENGINEERING COLLEGE REVENGE RODNEY DIADEM COSSACK 1953 Engineer 8th Squadron Engineering officer Admiralty posts CALEDONIA 1955 OSPREY 1959-1960 FOST MOD posts Born 11 April 1919. Joined the Training ship EREBUS in 1937. Loaned to the Royal New Zealand Navy 1946 to 1949. Appointed ADC to the Queen in 1971. Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London 1977.  Died 1993 aged 74.   Dowge   COSSACK 1953-1954 Able Seaman 1st XI Football team    

Dowsett.  Hilary Basil “Daisy”

C/JX921599 COSSACK 1954-1955 Boy/Ordinary Seaman TO Quarterdeck Football Team  1954/55 CONTEST Leading Seaman WHITBY GANGES Joined RN 1953 and  left 1955


COSSACK 1956-1957


COSSACK 1954-1955 Petty Officer      

Duly. E.E.G. (George)  

Joined RN January 1947 Ordinary/Able Seaman COSSACK 1947-1950 LONDON COMUS FORTH Invalided out June 1954 Died November 2006  

Drummond Spencer. H.  

COSSACK 1947-1949 Lt   DSC Flotilla Navigating Officer CASSANDRA 1961 C-in-C Plymouth Staff  Officer (Operations) TIGER Executive Officer Made Captain RN. Became a school master until retiring. Married Cecily Died 12 October 2007.    


COSSACK 1954-1955    

Dulet. George  

COSSACK 1948 X Gun loader    

Duncan. A.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Chief Yeoman    

Dunn. G.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Sick Berth Attendant    

Dunn T.A.  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman    

Durie. A. ( Jock)  

COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E) Starboard Forward Stokers Mess


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer M(E)    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Seaman    

Drysdale Cliff

C/SSX836734 COSSACK 1949-1950    


Eagin. A  

COSSACK 1958-1959  Leading Writer  

Eastwood. K.  

COSSACK 1945- 1946 Able Seaman (ST) Played football for RN

Early. John  

ST GEORGE 1942 Class D235 COSSACK 1945-   Made Chief Telegraphist  

Eaton. Eric.  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman  

Eberle Sir James (Jim) Henry,.Fuller.  

COSSACK 1947-1949 Sub Lt Made Admiral GCB. Made a life member 2015. Wrote three books about his life. Made Freeman of the City of Bristol 1946.  Born in Bristol 31 May 1927. Died peacefully in his sleep at Dunkirk Memorial House  18 May 2018    

Edgell. (Stan) A.S.  

COSSACK 1949-1951 Gunnery rating BELFAST 1951-1952 PEMBROKE DIAMOND Member of the ceremonial Guard outside Bucking Palace for the Coronation After RN service worked for Marley Tiles. Died from heart attack and stroke 29 March 2004    


COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Seaman    

Edwards (Bungy)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer  




COSSACK 1953 Chief E.R.A


COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M (E)


COSSACK 1955-1956 Chief Telegraphist


COSSACK 1953-1954 Telegraphist 1st XI Football Team   

Else. T.W.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1946-1947 Stoker from East Dereham Norfolk

Ennifer. H.C.  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Leading Stoker 1st XI Football team    

Espin S  

COSSACK 1954-1955 Petty Officer PTI


COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)

Eva. Joseph Daniel

PKX 62487 Naval Barracks Portsmouth Oct 1938- Dec 1938 REVENGE Dec 1938- March 39 2nd Class Stoker COSSACK L03 March 1939- May 411st Class Stoker MIDDLETON June 1941-1944 DUKE (Malvern) 1944-1944 Leading Stoker BLACK PRINCE 1944-1944 Petty Officer Stoker KING GEORGE V 1944-1947 COSSACK D57 1948-1950 LOCH ARKAIG 1951-1953 TIGER 1954-1957 Chief Stoker ZULU 1958-1961 OSPREY 1963-1964 INTREPID 1964-1966 Discharged May 1966 CHM(E). Died 19 December 2012 aged 92.  Past Chairman of RN Engine Room Association


ESMX867425 COSSACK 1950s Electrician Korean medal CORRUNA Submarines?  


COSSACK 1955-1956 Lt Cdr  

Everingham Terry  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Cook

Exton. J. Oliver  

COSSACK 1946-1947 Torpedoman 12 Mess


Fahey J.  

COSSACK 1950-1951 PO Stoker Mechanic Part of the Boarding Party at the Ethel Moller incident.  


COSSACK 1954-1955

Farrow. Ben  


Feetham  (Feets)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Fell “Bash”  

COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)    

Fenton. David.T.

PJ/932630 INDEFATIGABLE MULL OF KINTYRE TERROR 1958-1960 Able Seaman COSSACK EXCELLENT WAKEFUL TYNE p281 VANGUARD YARNTON Joined RN 1953 and left in 1964 as a Leading Seaman Living in Mississauga, Ontario. Canada (2012)    


COSSACK 1955-1956 SC Petty Officer (S)    

Ferrebe. J.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Coder    


COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team 1954/55    

Fetherston-Dilke.  C.B.  

RODNEY April 1939- Feb 1940 Midshipman Joined RN at Dartmouth aged 13 JERVIS (7TH DF) Feb 1940- April 1940 Home Fleet Norwegian campaign & East coast convoys JUNO April 1940- Sept 1940 Mediterranean – Battle of Calabria 9.7.40 MALAYA Sept 1940- Nov 1940 RAMILLES Nov 1940- Dec 1940 Acting Sub Lt For passage to Gibraltar. Battle of Spartivento 27.11.40 VICTORY Jan 1941- April 1941  Courses at Portsmouth MALCOLM (8TH Escort Group) May 1941- Dec 1941 Western Approaches. Sinking of U-652 HURRICANE (B1 Escort Group) Dec 1941- Sept 1943 Sub Lt/Lt Western Approaches. Survivors of U-527 and Focke Wulf 200 USA RIOU Dec 1943- Jan 1944 Lt Home Fleet & D-day Normandy HOTHAM Feb 1944- Oct 1944 VERNON Nov 1944- July 1945 Qualified as Torpedo Officer.   Instructional staff VERNON July 1945- Dec 1945 AJAX (1st Cruiser Squadron) Jan 1946- Mar1948 Mediterranean. Palestine Patrol. Corfu Channel Incident VERNON June 1948- Nov. 1949 Instructional staff- Tactics.   Qualified as A/S Officer OSPREY Jan 1950- June 1950 DUKE OF YORK June 1950   Lt / Lt Cdr DIDO May 1952 COSSACK (8th D .S ) Aug.1952- April 1954 Lt Cdr TAS Officer. Far East.  Korean War MICHAEL April 1954- June   1954 VERNON Aug  1954- July 1955 Lt Cdr/Commander PRESIDENT Sept. 1955- Sept. 1957 Commander J.S.S.C. Latimer Jan.1958- July 1958 RN Tactical School Woolwich Sept 1958- July 1960 AFRIKANDER Aug 1960- Nov 1961 Commander/Captain – Staff Officer Operations to C-in C South Africa & S. Atlantic MAIDSTONE May 1962 Captain  In command ADAMANT In command FORTH July 1962 In command PRESIDENT (SHAPE) Aug 1962- Mar. 1964 Naval Deputy to UK Nat. Rep. SHAPE (Paris) ST VINCENT Aug 1964- Aug 1966 In command Ministry of Defence Sept 1966- Sept 1968 Captain  Retired at own request Died 2 April 2007 aged 82    

Fiddaman. D. R.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    

Finney. N.  

COSSACK 1945-1946 Able Seaman (LTO)    

Firstbrook Doug “Taff/ Otter”

D/JX908686 GANGES EAGLE Leading Signalman COSSACK 1957-1958 COMUS Joined RN 1951 and left 1958 as Yeoman of Signals. Living in South Australia (2012)    

Fisher. David .J. “DJ”

924769 COSSACK 1953-1955 Able Seaman DAMPIER 1955-1957 Joined RN 1953 and left 1957. Living in Orpington. Kent (2012)

Fleet. J.  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman (RP3) No 1 Mess.  Died 9 December 2001    

Fleming   (Jock)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 SCPO (S)    

Fletcher. Don  

COSSACK 1947-1949?  Electrical Officer    

Fletcher. R.P.  

COSSACK Lt (L) Flotilla Electrical Officer    


COSSACK Yeoman of Signals    

Flude. J.A.  

COSSACK 1946 Telegraphist    

Foad. F.

COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)    


COSSACK 1955-1956 Able Seaman    

Fong. Ah  

COSSACK 1947-1949 Petty Officer Wardroom Messman    

Ford F.J.  

COSSACK 1945-1946 Leading Stoker Died 17 September 1999    

Ford. F.J.  

COSSACK 1950-1953 Able Seaman    

Forder.’Ted’ C.E.

C/KX136869 M.L.R.U 1943-1945 COSSACK 1945-1946 Leading Stoker Mechanic Gearing Room Died 20 July 2004 Wife Alma  

Farrow. Ben  

COSSACK 1955?  JEM    


COSSACK 1953 EA4    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    

Foster. ‘Monty’ Montague George  

COSSACK 1940-1941 Warrant Officer Gunner (T) Lt Cdr. L03 and D57  Died 11.1.00 Said to be last off LO3 and first aboard R57 at Tyneside    

Found (Willie)  

COSSACK Able Seaman    

Fox. D.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Sub Lt  


COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Supply Assistant (S)    

Francis. W.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Telegraphist    


COSSACK 1949 Petty Officer Gunnery Instructor. Was at the AMETHYST incident.    

Freeman. C.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Chief E.R.A.      


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer M(E)    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Midshipman    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    

Fugler. B.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 SCPO (S)      

Fuller. A.E.  

COSSACK Mr Gunner (T) DSM  

Fuller. G.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.    

Furnidge. A J   (Archie)  

COSSACK 1957-1958 O.A. 2    

Fyffe. D.  

COSSACK 1949-1953 Electrical Division Died 13 May 1993  



P/J934237 GANGES 1954 MAIDSTONE 1955 COMUS COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman B Gunlayer.  Part of ship QD EXCELLENT QA3 course MESSINA Persian Gulf commission TIGER 1960 Mediterranean Commission DOLPHIN Ships company CARRON 1963-1965 Dartmouth Training Sqd. Left RN 1966      


COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman      

Gamble. John  

COSSACK 1948-1950 Leading Seaman Died February 2001

Gardner. Philip J  

COSSACK April 1949- November 1951 Leading Writer.   Suffers from severe sight loss.  


COSSACK 1955-1956 Petty Officer    


COSSACK 1955-1956 Cook    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    

Gee.  E.

COSSACK 1950 Petty Officer      


COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman    

Geoffrey. (Ginger)

COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later.      


COSSACK 1952 Able Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team


COSSACK 1953-1954 LEM 1st XI Football team      

Ghoul (The Ghoul)

COSSACK 1951-1954 Leading Seaman  

Gibbon. E.F.

Lt Cdr    Served on COSSACK Tamer, Ariel, Gamecock, Ganges, Sea Hawk, Collingwood, Victory. Died 2002    

Gifford. M.

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      

Gilbody. L.G.

COSSACK 1947-1948 Able Seaman    

Gilchrist. E.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman

Gillam. Eddie.T.

GLENDOWER 1943 Ordinary Seaman  Part 1 Training NIMROD 1943 Anti-Submarine Training SD OSPREY 1943 BADGER 1944 Able Seaman (S.D.) COSSACK Sept 1945-1946 Released class A 16 July 1946 Eddie Gillam passed away on the 8th April in Eastbourne, just short of his 95th birthday.   He leaves behind his wife Maureen, daughter Lynda, Grandson Colin and Great Granddaughter Amelia.  Paul Griffiths (his son-in-law)

Gilham. Herbert H

C/JX153426, GANGES 31.5.37-5.2.38 Boy 2nd Class, GANGES 6.2.38-6.4.38 Boy 1st Class, PEMBROKE 7.4.38-29.4.38,RAMILLIES 30.4.38-4.8.38, RESOLUTION 5.8.38-24.9.38, PEMBROKE 25.9.38-18.11.38, WARSPITE 19.11.38-14.12.38,WARSPITE 15.12.38-10.8.41 Ordinary Seaman, RESOLUTION 11.8.41-13.10.41, PEMBROKE 13.10.41-1.2.42, PEMBROKE 2.2.42-3.2.42 Able Seaman, GAMBIA 4.2.42- 30.9.43, PEMBROKE 1.10.43-5.5.44, EXCALIBUR 6.5.44-24.5.44 Acting Petty Officer, PEMBROKE 10.6.44-3.12.44, LCT 151 4.12.44-24.5.45, LCT 151 25.5.45-1.12.45 Petty Officer, LST 3504 2.12.45-8.4.4, PEMBROKE 9.4.47-24.6.47, PIONEER 25.6.47-30.9.48,PERSEUS 1.10.48-15.12.48, PIONEER 16.12.48-30.6.49, PROTECTOR 2.12.49-19.1.50, BRAMBLE 20.1.50-25.6.50, TRUELOVE 26.6.50-31.3.52, PEMBROKE 1.4.52-29.4.52, GANGES 30.4.52-28.7.53, PEMBROKE 29.7.53-20.10.53, COSSACK 21.10.53-17.2.55, COSSACK 18.2.55-31.3.55 Leading Seaman, PEMBROKE 1.4.55-3.6.55, GANGES 4.6.55-18.8.56, GANGES 19.8.56-28.8.56 Acting Petty Officer, JAMAICA 29.8.56-28.6.57, PEMBROKE 29.6.57-18.8.57 , PEMBROKE 19.8.57-1310.57 Petty Officer, GANGES 14.10.57-28.9.60, VICTORY 29.9.60-14.12.60 Petty Officer to pension

Gillard. J.  


Gillett. L.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman  

Gillies. Norman John  

Joined RN Nov.1943 MTB 489 Sept 1944 GANGES 1945 COSSACK 14.10.45 MAGPIE Demobbed Sept 45 Born in May 1925 to John and Mary Gillies (nee MacQueen. Married Ivy Doreen Knights 27 November 1948. Children Bridget, Shirley, John  


COSSACK 1950?- 1951 Able Seaman  Guns Crew – trainer

Glassey. R.  

COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 Ch.O.A.  

Glennie. P.H.R.  

COSSACK 1955-1956 Lt Cdr Made Captain RN


COSSACK 1954-1955 Stoker .Mechanic. Won the hurdles at the Squadron Athletics during 1954.  Ran without shoes.      

Glover  E.M.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman / SPO(V)?  

Glover. E.M.

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Golden. Alan  


Golding. D.R.W.  

COSSACK 1947-1949 Able Seaman  

Goode. Philip  

COSSACK 1947?-1949 Lt Cdr Squadron Gunnery Officer

Goods  “Pip”  

COSSACK 1949 Staff  (G)  

Gordon. A.S.

CKX908344 COSSACK 1958-1960 Petty Officer Mechanic (E)

Gott. Les  


Gosling. George Edward  

COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team 1954/55  

Gourlay. Francis

C/SSX866549 COSSACK Seaman Joined RN 1948 and left 1956  

Grant. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman


COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Telegraphist


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Gray. G.T.S.  

COSSACK 1944- August 1945 Lt Cdr DSC RN Commanding Officer– handed over to Captain Hugh Browning

Green H. R.? “Dicky”  



COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman (TD3) TAS Division


COSSACK 1954-1955 Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic

Grief. Alan.

COSSACK 1951-1954 TAS Division Died January 1955

Grieve George  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Seaman  

Grieve. Jesmond “Jess” Walter



COSSACK 1953 Commander ( L)

Grimsdell. B.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Chief Petty Officer (E)

Grove. E.W.

C/J945283 COSSACK 1955-1956 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)



COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Cook


COSSACK 1948 Ordinary Seaman  

Haggerty. P.

COSSACK 1951-1954 E.M.

Haggie. W.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Elect.  


COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman

Hall. A. G.  

COSSACK 1951-1953 Able Seaman Died 8 July 2004

Halliday. M.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman

Halls. Harry  


Hamilton. E.  

COSSACK 1946-1948 Ordinary Seaman

Hamlet. Ronald Lewis.

C/JX292335, ST GEORGE 6/1/1942 Boy 2nd Class, With Jack West, John Early in Class D235, Boy Telegraphist 2/4/43, ANSON August 1943, ATHLONE CASTLE Dec 1944, Troopship – Liverpool to Sydney, QUADRANT 4th DF Task force 37/57, NIZAM Aug/Sept 1945, HMAS Signal School Melbourne Dec 1945, L/Tel Qualifying course, ANSON Jan 1946 Telegraphist (TO), To Tokyo, COSSACK April 1946, VICTORIOUS Dec 1946 Troopship to UK, COCKATRICE Feb 1947 Sweeping minefields SW Ireland, MERLIN RNAS Nov 1947 Far East Fleet, ALACRITY ?, MERCURY 1950, TRIUMPH 1950, ROCKET 1951, CENTAUR 1953 Liverpool out of reserve & run up, CAMBRIAN 1956, Left RN in July 1956 after 12 years CS engagement. Rejoined in January 1957, OWEN 1957, GANGES 1959, Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment 1962-1964, LONDON 1964, FORT SOUTHWICK Comms Centre for CinC Portsmouth/NATO 1966 Chief Radio Supervisor i/c To pension.

Hampstead.  P.

P/MX762506 ROYAL ARTHUR 15.8.45-28.8.45 Probationary Writer DUKE 29.8.45-4.10.45 DEMETRIUS 5.10.45-14.11.45 DEMETRIUS 15.11.45-27.12.45 Writer VICTORY 28.12.45-27.2.45 GOLDEN HIND 28.2.45-31.3.46 GOULD 1.4.46-14.8.46 GOULD 15.8.46-13.9.46 Leading Writer (Temp) TAMAR 14.9.46-20.12.46 TAMAR 21.12.46-21.1.47  Leading Writer COSSACK 22.1.47-5.9.47 VICTORY 6.9.47-11.2.48 Leading Writer Released Class A

Handford. R. “Blondie”

PMX795264 COSSACK 1947 Acting Leading Cook

Handover. L.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.EL    

Handover. L.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.EL

Hanlon. P.J.  

COSSACK 1949-1950 Petty Officer Telegraphist Died 24 July 1996

Hannaford. Stanley (Lofty)

P/MX125450 COSSACK 1949-1953 A/CREA HM DOCKYARD CHATHAM COLLINGWOOD MINERVA ST KITTS Joined RN 1940 and left 1953 as a CREA Died May 2017

Hannam. Dougals Percival Harold (Duke)  

COSSACK 2.10.1945 Chatham Barracks 10.3.1946

Hanns. Roy Frederick

CMX 924225 COSSACK 22.5.54-8.1.55 EM1 12 Mess Living in Wellington New Zealand

Hanshew. Leslie Charles  

COSSACK 1946-1949 Jack Dusty. Died 29 August

Hardman. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.EL

*Hare. John Dixon.

JX660491 GANGES 15.11.45-11.5.46 Boy Seaman 2ND Class GANGES 12.5.46-9.11.46 Boy Seaman 1st Class WHILRLWIND 10.11.46-17.2.47 PEMBROKE 18.2.47-2.4.47 COSSACK 3.4.47-11.11.47 THESEUS 12.11.47-14.12.47 PEMBROKE 15.12.47-4.9.48 Ordinary Seaman PEMBROKE 5.9.48-15.6.49 KENYA 16.6.49-24.11.51 Able Seaman RC3 MAURITUIS 25.11.51-9.1.52 PEMBROKE 10.1.52-31.3.52 NEPTUNE 1.4.52-13.8.52 PEMBROKE 14.8.52-10.12.52 PEMBROKE 11.12.52-15.2.53 PEMBROKE 16.2.53-1.5.53 AB RC2 CROSSBOW 2.5.53-15.2.54 Acting Leading Seaman CROSSBOW 16.2.54-30.8.54 Leading Seaman PEMBROKE 31.8.54-12.4.55 WHIRLWIND(PHOENIX) 13.4.55-23.11.55 WHIRLWIND 24.11.55-30.4.56 WHIRLWIND 1.5.56-28.8.56 WHIRLWIND 29.8.56-24.10.56 L.S FC2(P) ROYAL ARTHUR 25.10.56-8.12.56 PEMBROKE 9.12.56-4.5.58 CHEVIOT 5.5.58-24.6.58 PEMBROKE 25.6.58-12.9.58 NEPTUNE 13.9.58-14.9.58 WOLVERTON (VERNON) 15.9.58-30.11.58 WOLVERTON (PHEONIX) 1.12.58-14.8.59 YARNTON (PHEONIX) 15.8.59-30.11.60 YARNTON (VERNON) 1.12.60-30.11.61 YARNTON (VERNON) 1.12.61-25.3.62 Acting Petty Officer YARTON (LOCHINVAR) 26.3.62-28.5.62 Petty Officer 12.1.61 YARTON (LOCHINVAR) 29.5.62-26.7.62 PEMBROKE 27.7.62-30.10.62 ?     31.10.62-22.7.63 PO  (FC2) ?     23.7.63-4.8.63 PO (FC1) AUSONIA 5.8.63-31.8.64 VICTORY 1.9.64-8.1.65 EXCELLENT 9.1.65-31.7.67 EXCELLENT 1.8.67-25.9.69 EXCELLENT 26.9.69-4.11.69 Chief Petty Officer SHERATON (VERNON) 5.11.69-6.12.69 COUNSTON (VERNON) BELLEROPHON BERWICK EXCELLENT (PHOENIX) EXCELLENT (PHOENIX) VICTORY Born 7 December 1929 in Richmond Surrey was an Office Boy before joining RN 15.11.45 Korean Service Medal Pensioned    


COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Coder (Ed)


COSSACK 1953 Instructor Lt Became Treasurer and assistant Editor of THE COMMUNICATOR  

Harriman. Brian Alfred  



COSSACK 1957-1958 L.M.(E)

Harrison. E. P. (Peter)

C/MX 841244 RALEIGH 17.9.47-17.11.47 Probationary Writer S.S. engagement Part 1 Training CERES 18.11.47-16.3.48 PEMBROKE (Staff of CinC Nore) Writer 17.3.48-11.9.49 PEMBROKE (Staff of CinC Nore) 12.9.49-2.9.51 Leading Writer PEMBROKE (Staff of CinC Nore) 3.9.51-29.10.51 Petty Officer Writer COSSACK (Staff of Capt(D)8)30.10.51-19.1.54 PEMBROKE 20.1.54-5.5.54 CALEDONIA 6.5.54-4.5.56 CALEDONIA 5.5.56-17.9.56 Chief Petty Officer Writer PEMBROKE (Drafting Office) 18.9.56-20.2.57 PRESIDENT-NDA Haslemere 21.2.57-24.4.58 PRESIDENT (Allied Forces Southern Europe, Naples) VICTORY PRESIDENT-CND TIGER VICTORY St ANGELO VICTORY PEMBROKE 17.6.68-12.8.68 Promoted Acting Supply Sub Lt (W) PRESIDENT (RNC Greenwich) VICTORY Naval Pay & Records Computer Study Team  Supply Sub Lt (W)/Supply Lt (W) VICTORY Retired at own request.

Harrod  S.M.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 Sub Lt RNVR  

Harrop. F.  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Elect. Part of the Boarding and Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller Incident  

Horsford. J.V.  

COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E) Engineer Office Writer

Hart. David. (Jimpy)  

COSSACK 1955-1956 Supply Assistant (V) COMUS SEA EAGLE AFRIKANDER BIRMINGHAM NUBIAN Ex Royal Hospital School boy. RN1954 to 1970. Leading Supply Assistant (V). Died 11 June 2011 aged 72

Hart. M.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman

Hart. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 L..M. (E)

Hartell. David. Norman  

COSSACK 1950-1951 Stoker Mechanic Died February 2008


COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer M(E)

Harvey. T.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer  

Hastler. J  

COSSACK 1951-1954 EM1  

Hastie  Brian COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
Hayes. P. (Tankie) (Gabby)   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Hayes. Pat  W.   COSSACK 1948-1950 PO PTI Flotilla PTI Died 17 March 2002 aged 77      
Haywood. Alan   COSSACK 1949      
Haywood B.   COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.      
Haywood  Hack   COSSACK Seaman Is this the same person as above?
        Headcoat   COSSACK 1952 Leading Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team      
Hedley   COSSACK 1955?    
Healey. R. (Bob)   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman Engaged to Miss May Clarke during last commission.      
Hearne-Collinson (See Collinson) COSSACK      
Heathcote. G.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Heenan. Frank P/J 972087 MERCURY 1958-1960 TAMAR MERCURY COSSACK FMB HONG KONG HMNB DEVONPORT Joined RN 1958 and left as a RO3 in 1960. Became a company director.      
Heenan. P.   COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.      
Henderson (Elvis)   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
*Henderson. R.E.   COSSACK 1958-1959 A/OA4/ EM1 Joined RN 1949 Left the ship at Singapore to have something done to his teeth.   It was found that he had leukaemia and, instead of returning to the ship he was flown home to UK.      
Henshaw. John CSKX/872305 COSSACK 1949-1953      
Henson   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
Hepple. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt    
Herbert-Smith. Ronnie   COSSACK 1945-1947 Lt Joined at High Walker Yard during construction      
Herring (Fish)   COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TD3 2 Mess TAS Division      
Hewer (Scrumpy)   COSSACK 1955-1956 Yeoman      
Hewitt   COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Seaman      
Hewson. R.   COSSACK 1958-1959 SA (V)      
Hibbert. Brian   COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Stoker Association Standard Bearer until 2005      
Hickey.   COSSACK 1948?  Able Seaman An Irishman      
Hider. A. COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman    
Hill (Pusser)   COSSACK 1947-1949? Gunner (T)      
Hill   COSSACK 1956-1957 Able Seaman        
Hill. Charles W   COSSACK Sept.1950- March 51 Yeoman of Signals CONSTANCE. March 51- Aug. 51 BELFAST Aug. 51- Jan. 53 SHEFFIELD Died 1 September 2002      
Hill. Dennis “Pusser” P/JX 921756 COSSACK 1954-1955 HM SUBMARINES DOLPHIN 1959 AMBUSH 1961 TERROR 1961 Joined RN 1953 and left 1967. Living in Devon (2012)
Hill. R.   COSSACK 1958-1959 EA4      
Hill. Roy   COSSACK 1950-1951 Mr TAS Divisional Officer      
Hillier   COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman      
Hinks   COSSACK 1953-1954 Able Seaman? PO Tel? 1st XI Football team        
Hird. Norman   COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman        
Hirst. Robert “Bob” Stephen   COSSACK 43 Royal Marine Commando SUPERB CONCORDE COMAS JAMAICA Served 1943 to 1952. North Africa, Italy, Baken Died 21 February 2009 aged 84      
Hitchen. R.J. “Bob”   COSSACK 1948-1950. Sub Lt (S) Made Captain RN. Died April 1997      
Hitchcock   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
Hobson. A. COSSACK 1958-1959 Cook (S)  
Hobson. George   COSSACK 1958-1959 Cook      
Hodge   COSSACK Cook Jumped in to save a seaman but was in turn saved by Lt Cdr  Alston (1st Lt)      
Hoey   COSSACK 1957-1958 Signalman      
Holland   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
Hollands (Dutch) D.   COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman Died June 2001      
Holloway   COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman    
Holmes   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman      
Holmes. Stan COSSACK 1953 TAS party    
Holt. C.   COSSACK 1958-1959 E.M.      
Holt. Gilbert   COSSACK 1957-1958 EM1 Died 6 July 2011 Son Paul      
Hood. D.A.   COSSACK 1953-1954 Signalman      
Hope, “Bob” COSSACK 1952-1953 OA4    
Hopkins   COSSACK 1954-1955 Stoker Mechanic      
Hopkins   COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman RP No 2 Mess      
Hopkins Clive Harold Randolph.   GANGES 9.47-1948 AISNE 1.49-11.50 PEMBROKE 11.50-1.51 PRESIDENT 1.51-3.51 GABBARD 3.51-9.51 PEMBROKE 9.51-1.52 ALERT 1.52-1.54 PEMBROKE 1.54-3.54 TYRIAN 3.54-5.54 PEMBROKE 5.54-8.54 CHEERFUL 8.54-1.55 PEMBROKE 1.55-3.55 Leading Signalman COSSACK/CHEVIOT 3.55-11.56 PEMBROKE 11.56-11.56 PINCHER 11.56-11.56 RFR GSM –Malaya UN Korea        
Hopkins. H.S COSSACK 1953-1954 Captain DSC RN Commanding Officer –      
Hopper. R.   COSSACK 1958-1959 E.M.        
Hornby. Ernie   COSSACK 1948-1949  Ordinary Seaman
Hosford, Clifford John JX 161566  CURACAO  1940 NIGERIA  1940-1942 POPPY 1942-1943 ORWELL  1944-1945 COSSACK 22.8.45-1.6.46 Acting Petty Officer (Seaman) COCKADE 1946-1947  CORUNNA 1948-1949            BELFAST 1950-1953 THESEUS  1955-1956            OCEAN 1957 SALISBURY 1958-1959 PALISER 1961-1962 LOCH FADA 1963-1964 AURORA 1966-1967 Retired from RN as Chief Petty Officer in 1968 Passed away: 06 July 1990 aged 67 years        
Horsford J. V.   COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E) 1      
Houghton. (Sweeney)   COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later.      
Howard G. G   COSSACK        
Howarth. John?   COSSACK 1947-1949?  Senior Engineer        
Howe  Ken .A. (Curly) CSX839473 GANGES 1948-1949 WAKEFUL 1949-1949 SOLEBAY 1949-1951 VERNON 1951-1951 COSSACK 1951 1954 Leading Seaman VERNON 1954-1955 ADAMANT 1955-1957 Left RN 1957      

Howson B. C.  


Howson J.  

COSSACK 1947-1949 3 Mess

Huckerby. R.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.

Hudson. S.  

COSSACK Able Seaman COMUS Died April 2000

Hughes. Reg  



COSSACK 1953 Leading Seaman TAS 


COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman


COSSACK 1957-1958 EM 

Hunter  COSSACK 1957-1958 Surgeon Lt  

Hunter D (Dancy)   COSSACK 6 Mess

*Hutton. Anthony David.

NEWFOUNDLAND, Minesweepers 1956, COSSACK 1958-1959  Lt, WIZARD, HERMES 1974, Royal Yacht, LEOPARD, NORFOLK 1978-1980, NEWCASTLE 1982-1984, Made Captain OBE RN. Born 1 September 193 In Chislehurst, Kent, the son of Rear Admiral Reginald Hutton. Educated at Horris Hill Prepratory School and entered Dartmouth in 1945. Married Sarita Waldron in 1965 and had two sons and a daughter. Born 1 September 1932. Died 5 April 2015

Idiens. B  COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt Cdr  
Illiff. R.  COSSACK ? – 1949  
Isherwood. Gordon  COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman From Bolton engaged to Miss June Davis during last commission   
James COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
James “Gypsy”  COSSACK 1957-1958 L.M.(E)   
Jackson  COSSACK 1950 Signalman  
Jackson COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman  
Jackson COSSACK 1957-1958 Signalman  
Jackson Peter COSSACK 1958-1960 Able Seaman (UC2)  
Janes. W COSSACK 1958-1959 CPO  
Janus. I. J. C/JX710693 COSSACK 1946-1947 Able Seaman (RC3)  
Jardine A  
COSSACK    Jarrold. Edward  COSSACK 1946-1948 Signalman    
Jarvis. J.  COSSACK 1958-1959 E.M.    
Jasper. R.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    
Jau Chong  COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer Steward Chinese L.E.P.  
Jefferies. John  COSSACK 1947-1948 Captain DSC RN Commanding Officer  
Jeffrey. W.J.  COSSACK 1947 Petty Officer Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later. Involved in the Ling-Yung affair.  
*Jenkins.  John. P/ K975400 RALEIGH 10.12.57-8.6.58 M(E)2 COSSACK 9.6.58-24.2.60 M(E) 1 EXCELLENT 25.2.60-24.5.61 AISNE (PEMBROKE) 25.5.61-16.2.62 A/LM(E) AISNE (VICTORY) 17.2.62-9.9.62 LM(E) AISNE (PHOENICA) 10.9.62-12.7.63 AISNE (VICTORY) 13.7.63-31.1.64 SULTAN 1.2.64-22.5.64 PEMBROKE 22.5.64-5.7.64 DEFENDER (PEMBROKE) 6.7.64-13.1.65 DIAMOND (PEMBROKE 14.1.65-5.7.65 ALBION 6.7.65-17.11.66 Awarded GSM (Borneo) 1962 GRENVILLE(BELLERPHON) 18.11.66-10.3.67 VICTORY 11.3.67-26.4.67 RNSR(SL) 27.4.67 Born 27 April 1940 in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire to John and Annie Jenkins. He moved to London in 1945 when his parents parted to be with his mother and sister – Joan. He attended Bromley Road School until 1947. As his mother who was employed as a cook / housekeeper in a hotel in Beckenham was finding life hard John and Joan with assistance from adult friends were sent to boarding school. John attended Ashton School. Saffron Walden. When his father regained custody of the children John returned to Yorkshire to finish his education and followed his father down the mines as an apprentice until he had an accident at the coal face. During convalescence he returned to London to visit his mother and sister and was persuaded to join the Navy aged 18.  Joined the RN 10 December 1957. Left the RN as a LM(E) in 1967 and was employed at Osborne’s making Industrial Agitators. He then moved to Vinyl Products working within the Engineering Department.  He married and moved to Croydon and became father to Nicola and Kerry. After retiring he became a Commissionaire with Jones Lang LeSales at Saffron House Croydon. Later had to have two By-pass operations. Died 27 May 2016 after falling and hitting his head. Survived by his sister  – Joan Bennett (2017)  
Jessup COSSACK 1953 CREA  
Jewel COSSACK ? – 1953 PO (PTI)  
Johns COSSACK  1953 Lt Cdr. Electrical Officer  
Johnson COSSACK Seaman (SM)  
Johnson. T. COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer  
Johnstone COSSACK ? – 1953 SM  
Jolley. Russ COSSACK 1948 Chief Quartermaster  
Jones COSSACK 1955-1958 Able Seaman  
Jones COSSACK 1957-1958 Surgeon Lt  
Jones. B. COSSACK 1958-1959 R.E.M. 
 Jones R “Jonah” COSSACK 6 Mess  
Jowett. Gilbert “Joe” COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman No 4 Mess Radar Plot rating at sea Coxwain of 25ft motor cutter in harbour Died 17.11.95  
Juncar. G. COSSACK 1946-1947 Joined RN ages 17. Left to become a Riverman for British Oil and Cake Mills. Died 25 June 1995. Left 26 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.   
 Kaine W COSSACK  
Kay Tom.G. COSSACK 1951-1954 Leading Seaman Ships diver. Married Norma in Manchester in March 1958.  Died 14.5.2018  (Worthing)  
Kears. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)  
Kelly COSSACK 1957-1958 Yeoman of Signals  
Kelsey. B. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Kemp. George COSSACK 1949-1951 Gunnery Rate No 2 Mess  
Kendall Dave..J. CSSX839991 GANGES 16.11.48-9.9.48 Boy 2nd Class WAKEFUL 10.9.48-4.11.49 Boy 1st Class/ Ordinary Seaman PEMBROKE 5.11.49-13.12.49 Ordinary Seaman GABBARD 14.12.49-4.9.51 OD/Able Seaman PEMBROKE 5.9.51-21.9.51 Able Seaman   VERNON 22.9.51-14.1.52 Qualified UW3 PEMBROKE 15.1.52-19.5.52 COSSACK 20.5.52-2.3.54 Ships diver PEMBROKE 3.3.54-2.11.54  Compassionate discharge Died 3 February 2006 in Elizabeth Park South Australia.  
Kent COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
Kerans  COSSACK Lt Cdr CO  
Kermeen. J COSSACK 1950-1951 EM Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident  
Kershaw. B. COSSACK 1958-1959 ERA 3  
Key COSSACK 1957-1958 Ch.Elect  
Keyes. Graham Fredrick C/SS946032 COSSACK 1955-1957 Able Seaman  
Kilgour. John C/KX157921 COSSACK 1947-1949 Stoker Mechanic 1st Class  
King COSSACK ? – 1953 Ships diver  
King. Doug COSSACK 1949-1951 Boy Seaman 4 Mess  
King M. E. “Queenie” GANGES 1946 LEANDER 1948 CROSSBOW 1948 COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman (AA3) CORUNNA 1953 PEMBROKE ? SHEERNESS ?   
King .Tom COSSACK 1953 Gunner T  
Kingsland. F. COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident  
Kingsnorth. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)  
*Kirk.James Gorman Onboard 3 June 1946 when crossing the equator. Born 6/1/1926 – Died 26/12/1997  
Kitching. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Knight (Bogey) COSSACK 1946-1947 Torpedoman  
Knight. John .E. (Bogey) C/J945287 Victoria Barracks Portsmouth 12.10.54 Age 16 Jellico 531 Division OCEAN October 1954 THESEUS December 1954 OCEAN 1955 TINTAGEL CASTLE OCEAN Chatham 1955 COSSACK 1955-1956 Ordinary Seaman FX Division Died 4th May 2018.   Funeral service held at the North East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane, Morden, Surrey SM4 4NU at 3.20 pm on 7th June 2018.     
Knight COSSACK 1954-1955 Yeoman Daughter baptised with ship’s bell as font  
Knights. H. COSSACK 1950-1951 ERA Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.  
Knights (Bogey) COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman  
Knott  COSSACK 1954-1955 Ordinary Telegraphist  
Kruck. Mike.J.H. COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman  Died from effect of a heart attack on 18th October 2013 Daughter Pamela   
Kwan Chip COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Steward Chinese L.E.P. 


La Haye, Terrance John. COSSACK 1950-1954 LM(E)  
Lacy. Garry COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TAS division.  Professional boxer  
John Lambert 
C/SSX. 816562 
COSSACK 9.10.1951-16.8.1953 D.O.B 16th August 1928.  Died 2 .12.2011 
He enlisted on 21st August 1946 and was discharged on 18th November 1953. 
Lampard COSSACK 1950 Signalman  
Lam Chun Nam COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Steward.   Chinese L.E.P  
Lam Fung COSSACK 1957-1958 Steward.   Chinese L.E.P  
Lam Kit COSSACK 1957-1958 Dhoby No 3 Unofficial Chinese  
Landon COSSACK 1957-1958 Schoolie  
Lane COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
Lane. Geoff .E. (Shady) C/SSX871071 Joined RN 8 March 1949 ST VINCENT WHIRLWIND CLEOPATRA COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team VERNON ROYAL ARTHUR ALDINGTON KINGFISHER PEMBROKE Left RN 20 May 1958  
Langford.  (Ken) John Kennedy COSSACK Ordinary Seaman/ Leading Seaman  
Landsdell “lofty” COSSACK  
Laughland. B. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Lausdell COSSACK 1946-1947 Able Seaman  
Larken. E. L. T. COSSACK 1955-1956 Captain RN OBE Commanding Officer – Wife Elizabeth (Peggy) Died aged 101 17 June 2009.  
Laughton. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt Member of hockey team 
 Lawe. D. COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)  
Lawrence COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer TAS Party  
Leach. Frank. COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman / Acting Leading Seaman TAS  
Leary. Gerry COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman TD3 TAS Division. Boxer. Died in a road accident 1990  
Leary. P. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Lee COSSACK 1955-1956 Writer promoted to Leading Writer. Played for the ship at football  
Lee. Don USS JASON EM3 1957-1958 Was serving onboard USS Jason which was alongside D57 in Sasebo Japan  
Lee. J. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Lee.  J.E. L. ROYAL ARTHUR 3.1.49-21.2.49 Probationary Electrical Mechanic PEMBROKE 22.2.49-15.9.49 PEMBROKE 16.9.49-4.10.49 EM2 CLEOPATRA 5.10.49-15.2.50 CLEOPATRA 16.2.50-14.1.51 EM1 PEMBROKE 15.1.51-14.2.51 MARS 14.2.51-10.4.51 PEMBROKE 11.4.51-24.6.51 COSSACK 25.6.51-4.8.53 COSSACK 5.8.53-11.9.53 Acting Leading EM PEMBROKE 12.9.53-18.2.53 COLLINGWOOD 19.2.54-3.2.55 COLLINGWOOD 4.2.55-7.2.55 EM1 (Reverted) VOLAGE 8.2.55-22.3.56 COLLINGWOOD 23.3.56-25.4.56 EM1. Discharged to R.F.R   
Lee. Peter. C.  (Tansy) RNB CHATHAM UNICORN TAMAR COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman Captain of the paint locker. Cox’n of motor cutter. Radar plot  
Lee Swee COSSACK 1957-1958 Dhoby No 2 Unofficial Chinese 6 Mess  
Leith. W. COSSACK 1958-1959 ERA 4  
Lennard COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Cook  
Leonard COSSACK 1947-1949? Able Seaman  
Leppard  A. COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Telegraphist.  Ship’s hockey representative.   
Lester. Nigel COSSACK October 1953- June 1955 Acting Petty Officer R.E.L.  
Lewis. D. COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman  
Lewis. D.W. COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Seaman  
Lewis. E.J. COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer Lewis. William Stephen 819934 GANGES 11.2.47-27.9.47 Boy 2 Class GANGES 28.9.47-5.2.48 Boy 1 Class PEMBROKE 6.2.48-12.3.48  SUSSEX 13.3.48-22.11.48 COSSACK (TAMAR) 23.11.48-9.3.49  COSSACK (TAMAR) 10.3.49-10.2.50 Ordinary Seaman MFV 1156 (TAMAR) 11.2.50-9.5.50  MFV 1156 (TAMAR) 10.5.50-13.6.50 Able Seaman PEMBROKE 14.6.50-15.1.51 PEMBROKE 16.1.51-23.5.51 AB LR 3 DRAKE 24.5.51-30.6.51 ROCKET (DRAKE II) 1.7.51-31.1.52 ROCKET (DRAKE X) 1.2.52-31.3.52 ROCKET (SEA EAGLE) 1.4.52-22.7.52 PEMBROKE 23.7.52-6.8.52 PEMBROKE 7.8.52-22.10.53 PEMBROKE 23.10.53-24.3.54 Physically unfit for RN service. Gratuity paid  
Lilley. Geoff.  COSSACK April 1947-1949 Boy/AB   BEM DAMPIER 1950 COSSACK 1952-19531952 Left the RN as Chief T.A.S.I.  Died January 2002.  See Newsletter 1/2002  
Lindsay. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M.(E)  
Line COSSACK ?-1953 OA  
Loader. L. COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt.  
Lockhart “Jock” COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Logan. E.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman   
Longley. D. COSSACK 1958-1959 M(E)  
Lord. Arthur W.J.  COSSACK 1954-1955 LEM or AB? Died 8 July 2001  
Lowe. M  COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman Entered 440 yards in the Squadron Athletics 1954  Lowe. William 
COSSACK 1942-1946  Lowes. A 
COSSACK 1958-1959  O..A. 4  
Lown. C. COSSACK 1958-1959 ERA 3  
Loye. D. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Lucas COSSACK 1953 Lt Cdr 1st Lt  
Lucas COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Luck. A COSSACK 1957-1958 Ch. Elect Lost his eye onboard whilst in Tokyo  
Lucy. C.P.H. COSSACK Lt (L) Assistant Flotilla Electrical Officer  
Lukas COSSACK Lt Cdr Ist Lt. of  Polish nationality.  
Luke. A.C. COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.  
Lunn. Anthony W.  (Loppy) GANGES Nov. 1947 COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman COSSACK 1955-1956 Left the service in  May 1957 Died 17.10.08 leaving wife Trudy and two sons   
Lunness COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman  
*Luter. Brian.E. M946833Y COLLINGWOOD 11.1.55-21.2.55 JEM2 PEMBROKE 22.2.55-8.11.55 JEM1 DRAKE 9.11.55-14.11.55 EM2 VIGILENT 15.11.55-31.12.55 EM1 VIGILENT (Dartmouth) 1.1.56-8.6.58  COSSACK 9.6.58-24.2.60 A/LEM & LEM COLLINGWOOD 25.2.60-24.11.60  DOLPHIN 25.11.60-8.4.62  BLACKPOOL 9.4.62-8.9.63 Acting PO EL(13.12.62) VERNON 9.9.63-14.1.64 COLLINGWOOD 15.1.64-25.5.64 BELLERPHON 26.5.64-25.6.64 ROYAL ARTHUR 26.6.64-6.8.64 BELLERPHON 7.8.64-29.10.64 PO EL COLLINGWOOD 30.10.64-1.10.66 EL.MECH 3 TARTAR 1.2.67-21.4.69 EL.MECH 2 / OE MECH (L)2 BELLERPHON 22.4.69-19.10.69  JUFAIR 20.10,69-2.11.70 OE.MECH(L1) / OEMN1 VICTORY 3.11.70 -20.7.72 ARK ROYAL 21.7.72-13.2.77 NELSON 17.2.77-22.12.74 ACOELMN(LOCAL) ROTHESAY 17.2.77-22.11.77 NELSON 22.11.77-23.7.78 OEMN1 Pensioned Born 24 July 1938 in St Helier. Jersey. Was a cinema projectionist on entry. Married Jill and lived at 79 Privett Road Purbrook Hants. PO7 5JW Died 10 June 2018  
Lynch. Brendan (Paddy) P/KX/946424 COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E) SULTAN Joined RN 1954 and left 1970 as CPO Mech 1st Class. Living in Canada (2012)  
Lyons. H.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer  
McAllister. B. COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M.(E)  
McAllister COSSACK 1950 Leading Stoker  
McCabe COSSACK 1946-1947 Able Seaman  
McCarten. W. H  COSSACK 1958-1959 .M.(E)   
McCauley. J.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman   
McClean. R.  COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman   
McColl COSSACK 1946-1947 Able Seaman  
McCue COSSACK 1957-1958 EM  
McDonald. Jack  
McDowall R. COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident  
McGuffie. J COSSACK 1950-1951 Ordinary Seaman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident  
McGregor COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
McIntosh  (Ginger) COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
McKai COSSACK Stoker  
McLean. Robert. James COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman (UCI) Died 21 August 2009 from bone marrow cancer. Lived in Fort Laudadale USA with wife Marilyn  
McLachlan  J. H. COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman  
McNamara. Les. COSSACK 1945-1947 Stoker Mechanic Died 8 January 2017.  He was in hospital just three days before crossing the bar. Joined the Association 30 April 1994  
McPhail. Angus COSSACK 1951-1954 Leading Seaman  
MacCleanan “Nutty” COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TD3 TAS Division  
MacDonald. Don COSSACK ?- 1956 Coder (E) CHEVIOT 1956  
Macintosh COSSACK 1953 Lt. Flotilla Communications Officer  
MacKenzie. D. COSSACK 1953-1954 R.E.M.  
*MacKenzie  John Finlay Joined RN 1937 COURAGEOUS GLASGOW INDEFATIGABLE KING GEORGE V DUKE OF YORK CHEVIOT 1950 CHEVRON ?- 1953 BULWARK 1954-1956 COSSACK 10.6.58-10.6.58 Chief Electrical Artificer (CEA) Awarded DSM for courageous action London Gazette 37119 (14.6.1945) whilst on HMS Indefatigable off Okinawa Commissioning and sea trials of Bulwark with Harland and Wolff NI Retired from RN 1959 and worked at Vosper Thorneycroft Portsmouth Died 1972  leaving 4 children  
 MacKenzie. D COSSACK 1953-1954 R.E.M.  
Mackie COSSACK 1946-1947 Hostilities Only 11 Mess  
Mackay. G. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Mackness. Peter. W. Ships included  GANGES, 1947 Volunteered as Boy Seaman WAKEFUL,  PEMBROKE,  JUTLAND,  NEPTUNE,  COSSACK (Korean War) ?-1053, Leading Seaman Represented the ship in the sprint races 1953 OBDURATE (PO),  DIAMOND (1959),  EXCELLENT,  SALISBURY,  GANGES (DO Keppel Div. 1962-1963),  CASSANDRA, (Malayan emergency),  FEARLESS,  ANTRIM, Lt.  25 JSTU Woomera,  PENELOPE Retired in 1978. Died 3 June 2003 age 71   
Maclennon. Norman (Nutty) COSSACK 1951 Able Seaman TAS  
Macleod. Stuart COSSACK  
MacQuillin. Douglas (Ginger or Mac) C/JX820330 COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman   RP3 Navigator’s Yeoman  Died on 27th December 2007 after a long battle with cancer.  
Macey Derek George (Del) COSSACK 1950-1953  Died 4 November 2001 aged 72  
Macy. R. COSSACK 1958-1959  L.E.M  
Mair J. H. “Scottie” COSSACK ? – 1949 6 Mess  
Maithieson. Ken COSSACK 1947-1949  M.O.  
Malcolm. D.R. COSSACK 1951-1954 Stoker Mechanic  
Malden. P. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Mallet-Warden. E. COSSACK 1958-1959 Sub Lt  
Malone. John (Jock) COSSACK 1946-1947 Leading  Seaman  
Manley. P. COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.  
Mann COSSACK 1955-1956 M(E)  
Mann. Graham Commander Ships include BERMUDA CHILDERS COSSACK CROSSBOW DAEDALUS EAGLE KENT MERCURY SUFFOLK TRINDAD WESTMINSTER Served in RN 1938 to 1958 Died 1 April 2000 Aged 71  
Mannerings. J.C. COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman  
Manterfield COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Marchant. Peter .A. COLLINGWOOD 1951-11.8.52 Basic and Electrical course TRIUMPH 12.8.52-7.9.53  GLORY 8.9.53-3.5.54 E.M PEMBROKE 4.5.54-16.6.55 COSSACK/CHEVIOT 17.6.55-29.11.56 NEPTUNE 30.1.57-5.11.58 EM.  
Marjot. W.H. COSSACK 1950-19 51 Leading Seaman  
Marriot, Reginald Burbidge C/JX 127942 COSSACK 1948-? BELFAST ?- 1951 Chief Coxwain  
Marrs COSSACK 1954-1955 REM  
Marsh. W.  COSSACK 1950-19 51 CPO SM Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident  
Marshall COSSACK 1957-1958 Sub Lt  
Martin COSSACK 1952 Quarterdeck Football Team  
Martin COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Martin. A. COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.  
Martin. D. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman   
Martin  P COSSACK 1947-1949 3 Mess  
Mar Ying Tong COSSACK 1957-1959 Cook (O) Chinese L.E.P  
Matfin COSSACK ? – 1953 Leading Seaman Received Commendation  
Matherson. Ken.W. COSSACK 1947-1949 Temporary Surgeon Lt MB CH B RNVR Flotilla medical Officer.died 1972 age 51  
Matthews. Albert “Dave. (Doc) C/MX900304 PEREGRINE COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Sick Berth Attendant CHEVIOT NEPTUNE (Faslane) DRAKE MANXMAN WOODBRIDGE HAVEN Senior Chief Medical Technician APPLETON RN hospitals – Plymouth and Chatham Served 1951 to 1978 On leaving RN he taught at the  School of Nursing Married to Shirley for 52 years and had two daughters. Died 6 .2.08 age 77  
Matthews Terrance. F “Terry” C/SSX890302 COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman  CA2 VANGUARD LARGO BAY PEMBROKE GIRDLE-NESS GANGES ENARD BAY SIAMOND DEFENDER PERSEUS Joined RN 1950 and left in 1960 as a Leading Seaman. Became a Police Inspector and took a law degree. Lives in the London Borough Havering (East) (2012)  
May. COSSACK 1957-1959 Able Seaman  
Maynard  Bas COSSACK Died July 1996   
Mayrick. T.C. COSSACK Lt Cdr DSC Flotilla Gunnery Officer  
Mayturn. Dave COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later. Involved in the Ling-Yung affair.  
Mead. J. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Meakin. W. COSSACK 1957-1958 CPO MEA  
Medlow COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman  
Melsom. Ronald MX620872 PEMBROKE 7.7.43-7.10.43 Probationary Engine Room Mechanic Lent to Woolwich 1.12.43 to 12.12.43 PEMBROKE 8.10.43-10.2.44 Acting Ordnance Artificer 4th class HORNET 11.2.44-23.4.44 Lent to ATTACK 12.2.44 to 26.2.44 Lent to BEE 20.3.44 to 23.3.44 CICADA 24.4.44-12.9.44 MIDGE 13.9.44-21.9.44 Ordnance Artificer 4th Class from 7.11.44.    MIDGE 1.1.45-18.7.45 Lent to CFMU 3.3.45 to 4.5.45 PEMBROKE 19.7.45-1.7.46  -COSSACK (On loan) 1.10.45-1.10.45 Released to shore in Class A 1.7.46  
Meridith COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman TD2 (ASDIC sweeper)  TAS Division.   2 Mess  
Merrikin COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman   
Midlane. G.W.G. COSSACK Lt (S)  BEM Flotilla Supply Officer  
Mile COSSACK   ? -1949  
Miles COSSACK   ? -1949  
Millard. Don CSMX896407 COSSACK 1952-1954 Shipwright  
Millard. T.H. COSSACK 1945-1948 Stoker 1st Class  
Miller. J. (Dusty) COSSACK 1958-1959 LM (E) Member of hockey team  
Miller  (Dusty) COSSACK 1955-1956 LM (E) Goal Keeper for the Hockey team  
Miller. W.D. (Dusty) FISGUARD 1948  Artificer Apprentice COLLINGWOOD ? – 1952 REA Apprentice COSSACK 1958-1959 REA3 OSPREY 1959 REA1 Portland dockyard 1959 Instructor RNPTA (Pilotless Target Aircraft) Left RN June 1962 He was active in doing videos of events when we were having Eastbourne reunions.   . Wife Peggy died 2003.  Died 24 June 2016 suffering from bowel cancer. Worked as service engineer for Unicam of Cambridge  
Milton COSSACK 1957-1958 NAAFI Canteen Manager    
Mitchell. R.A. COSSACK 1944-1945 Able Seaman  
Mo Chun Keong COSSACK 1957-1958 Steward Chinese L.E.P  
Monks. Harry. A.A. COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman  
Moody. R. COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.R. El  
Mooney COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Moore. Colin COSSACK 1955-1956 Discharged early to visit Commonwealth Games  
Moores. M. COSSACK 1958-1959 E.M.  
Morell COSSACK 1957-1958 OA3  
Morgan. R COSSACK 1950-1951 Surgeon Lt. At ETHEL MOLLER Incident 12.5.1950.  Attended to four wounded Chinese Nationalists.  
Morphew COSSACK 1957-1958 Mechanician Ship’s soccer captain  
Morris. David.L. COSSACK 1954-1956 Stoker Mechanic Died 9 March 2009. Left £1000 to the Association in his Will  
Moss. T. COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M.(E)  
Moth. Brian COSSACK 1953 Lt Cdr  
Moth. Charlie COSSACK 1946-1947 Leading Seaman LTO  
Mottestone. Lord David M.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Commander Made Captain CBE  
Mui Hwa Chih COSSACK 1957-1958 Dhoby No 4 Unofficial Chinese  
Mundy ( Lofty) COSSACK 1953 Leading Seaman  
Munnion. M. COSSACK 1949  
Munns COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
Murray. Ed.H. C/JX 712100 St GEORGE 24.2.44-11.8.44 Boy 2nd Class St GEORGE 12.8.44-7.6.45 Boy 1st Class St GEORGE 8.6.45-18.7.45 Signal Boy LIVERPOOL 19.7.45-25.4.46 LIVERPOOL 26.4.46-25.10.46 Ordinary Signalman LIVERPOOL 26.10.46-21.1.48  Signalman PEMBROKE 22.1.48-2.2.48 WHIRLWIND 3.2.48-28.1.49 PEMBROKE 29.1.49-19.3.49 PEMBROKE 20.3.49-29.3.49 Acting Leading Signalman MOUNTS BAY 30.3.49-19.3.50 MOUNTS BAY 20.3.50-3.9.51 Leading Signalman PEMBROKE 4.9.51-20.3.52 MERCURY 21.3.52-24.6.52 PEMBROKE 25.6.52-13.8.52 WELFARE 14.8.52-9.1.54 WELFARE 10.1.54-29.4.54 Yeoman of Signals JUPITER 30.4.54-21.6.54 PEMBROKE 22.6.54-14.7.54 COSSACK 14.7.54-25.6.55 PEMBROKE 26.6.54-10.8.55 ROYAL ARTHUR 11.8.55-21.9.55 PEMBROKE 22.9.55-13.10.55 CENTAUR 14.10.55-4.6.56 PEMBROKE 5.6.56-25.7.56 COCKATRICE 26.7.56-15.8.56 PEMBROKE 16.8.56-2.1.57 MOUNTS BAY 3.1.57-18.12.57 OPPOSSUM 19.12.57-24.1.58 PEMBROKE 25.1.58-25.4.58 Yeoman of Signals.  C.S. expired  
Murrell COSSACK 1957-1958 O.A.   
Nanking COSSACK ? – 1949  
Nash R. F. COSSACK 1945-1948 Leading Seaman TAS 6 Mess  
Neal (Tiger) COSSACK 1947 Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later.  
Needham (Neddy) COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman Navigator’s yeoman  
Nevard. John Trevor (Lofty) ROYAL ARTHUR 17.9.46-24.11.46 Probationary Assistant Cook PEMBROKE 25.11.46-13.6.47 TARTER (Northmark) 14.6.47-30.6.47 NORTHMARK 1.7.47-1.7.47 BULAWAYO 17.9.47-1.11.47 Cook(S)  IMPEREUSE 2.11.47-5.1.48 RALEIGH 8.12.47/6.1.48 – 24.2.48   Transferred to Stoker Mechanic (Admiralty letter N1/N 2229147 of 22.10.47) PEMBROKE 25.2.48 – 30.4.48 PEMBROKE (Campania) 26.3.48- 30.4.48 MULL OF KYNTYRE 1.5.48-12.8.48 PEMBROKE 13.8.48-6.9.48 COSSACK (Tamar) 7.9.48-19.2.51 PEMBROKE 20.2.51-12.6.51 MARS  13.6.51-13.8.52- CORUNNA (Pembroke) 14.8.52-27.10.53 NEPTUNE 28.10.53-4.2.54 PEMBROKE 5.2.54-11.3.54    ROYAL FLEET RESERVE 12.3.54-16.9.58 RFR No B36179 Discharged 31.3.57 Died on 18th January 2009. On leaving RN worked on a building site then went to Fords at Dagenham. Then joined the Merchant Navy. Then become a stoker at Rochford Hospital where he met his wife at the Badminton Club.  He then went on to do the following jobs – Pay Clerk, warden in home for blind people, car park attendant, doorman at civic centre and finally store keeper at local college. Had a mild heart attack at 38  
Newcombe, George COSSACK 1953.   Received commendation 
 Newington. R.  COSSACK 1958-1959 Sub Lt Hockey Team    
Newins P.C. (Surname Walter up to 1953) COSSACK 1951- 1953 Able Seaman  
Newnham COSSACK 1954-1955 Stoker Mechanic  
Newson COSSACK 1951- 1954 Able Seaman 1st XI Football team  
Newton COSSACK 1952  Able Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team  
Nicholas COSSACK   Able Seaman  
Nielson COSSACK 1957-1958 Lt  
Nobbs COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman   
Norris. Tom (Curly) 
COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)  
Norris COSSACK 1947 Leading Cook 11 Mess  
Norsworthy COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
Northfield. B COSSACK 1954-1955 Writer  
O’Clee. Richard. CSMX809 Joined RN Sept 1946-47 Cook ROYAL ARTHUR PEMBROKE COSSACK Sept /Oct 1947-Jan 1950 Cook OCEAN Return to UK PEMBROKE GANGES 1950-1951 PEMBROKE 1951-1952 VIRAGO 1952-1954 Left RN Died in Ramsgate Kent  13 September 2015  
COSSACK 1954-1955 E.R.A.   Ollivant. 
COSSACK ?-1954 Lt Cdr Awarded MBE. Captained the RN Hockey Team in Hong Kong   Orchard. C. 
COSSACK 1950-1951 Petty Officer Part of the Boarding and Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident   O’Reilly. D.A.P. 
COSSACK 1955-1957 Lt. OBE Made Captain RN O’Reilly. P. 
COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman Osborne. T. 
MTE ROSYTH 19.1.44-31.12.44 E.A. Apprentice CALEDONIA 1.1.48-1.1.48 EA5 COLLINGWOOD 2.1.48-19.11.48 COLLINGWOOD 20.11.48-2.9.49 Acting REA4 PEMBROKE 2.9.49-2.9.49 GABBARD 3.9.49-2.5.50 SUPERB 3.5.50-19.11.51 REA4 SUPERB 20.11.51-23.7.52 Acting REA3 COLLINGWOOD 24.7.52-19.11.52 COLLINGWOOD 20.11.52-13.2.53 REA3 PEMBROKE 14.2.53-23.7.53- MOUNTS BAY 23.7.53-14.7.54 COSSACK 15.7.54-9.2.55 COSSACK 10.2.55-3.5.55 Acting Chief REA PEMBROKE 4.5.55-8.7.55 COLLINGWOOD 9.7.55-9.2.56 COLLINGWOOD 10.2.56-23.8.56 CREA MULL of GALLOWAY 24.8.56-17.1.57 COLLINGWOOD18.1.57-22.4.58 CREA CS expired.   
Oxley COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Elect. 
Padgett. Roger COSSACK 1953-1963 R.O  
Padgett. Raymond. “Roy” C/SS 930507 COSSACK AFRIKANDER Joined RN 1953 and left in 1963 as LRO(G). Living Gold Coast Queensland. (2012)    
Padgett. S. COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman  
Parker COSSACK 1954-1955 CPO Cox’n Daughter baptised with ships bell as font  
Parker. Lawrence “Lofty”. D/JX760259 WRANGLER TIGER COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer (GI) LOCHINSH DRAKE DEFIANCE OCEAN DUNKIRK SLUYS CAMBRIDGE Living in Plymouth (2012)  
Parker. Roy COSSACK Able Seaman Joined RN 1954 and left in 1961. Living in Australia (2012)  
COSSACK 1953-? POEL   Parkin (Ray) M.R. COSSACK 1945-1947 Acting Able Seaman Died 19 October 2002
Joined Comus Jan 1957 and then took Cossack out of Singapore Dockyard hands in summer 1957. Joined Comus as Electrical Artificer 4th Class and was rated 3rd class on return to HK end Nov or early Dec 1957. Returned home June 1958. Returning home from Cossack in 1958 I wondered what life would bring me. Irene & I had planned our wedding for 12th July on the assumption that the full eighteen months would be served in the Far East. As it happened I was on the first flight out to join Comus in Mombasa and someone somewhere defined I should be on the first flight home. Upshot was that we were married as planned and had our weeks honeymoon with just three days to spare before reporting to my new location! We had also assumed I might well spend at least some time in Collingwood, being an EA and set out to find and start the process of buying a house on the outskirts of Gosport. Draft chit arrived by post before our wedding and it was to Daedalus, which you will recall was a Fleet Air Arm base. Keep “schtum and hope Doug,” as it was nearer our new house than Collingwood. I duly arrive at the gates and into the Regulating Office when I pointed out I was General Service. RPO was confused, then a penny dropped and he recited the initials F.D.M.T.U. I had no idea what he was talking about and explanation followed:- Flight Deck Machinery Trials & Training Unit .The Unit was on the far side of the airfield in some old Nissen huts. Arrival at the Unit transpired I was to be one of two EA’s on the strength and it was to be our job to take over the instrumentation of Steam Catapult calibration trails and analysis of the results, from the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Bedford. Our boss was a Lt. Cdr. (E) who had a whole group of engineering personnel who would be “driving” the catapults during the trials. My first introduction was alongside RAE staff on Victorious sea trials shooting off each type of aircraft which might be carried and calibrating the catapult in relation to aircraft load and required steam pressure. While we were at sea an EA4 who had been in the group was drafted out and on our return my colleague was also drafted – to Marlinga in Oz, for A bomb testing support. Not a happy bunny but neither was our boss who spoke bluntly to “Drafty” explaining that he would not be able to carry on taking over from RAE if personnel were moved out. I stayed on the Unit for two years an unheard of shore time for an EA! Apart from the catapult trials some of our unit were also involved in training Fleet Air arm flight deck personnel in the procedures prior to and during catapulting. Some years before someone had built a large (very large) model of a carrier and ERA’s had built a replica of the steam catapult’s predecessor into the model. My colleague & I were tasked with a dual job of designing and fitting circuits to enable this to function in the same way as the Steam Catapult At the same time a line drawing cross section of the steam and hydraulic functions had been built up on a vertical board and we had to ensure valves and other functions operated at the same time as the main model. All culminating in a model aircraft being shot off on a catenary wire. We found an air station to be a gold mine for bits & pieces to do the job. I wasn’t shore based or at home all the time though. Dockyard trials on the carriers, where wheeled  buoyant deadloads were shot off , recovered by tender and craned back, were followed by sea trials launching real aircraft. I spent time on Centaur, Ark Royal, both in Devonport and at sea, Hermes Portsmouth, Karel Doorman (Dutch) at sea , Minais Gerais (Brazilian – in a Dutch shipyard), Independencia (Argentinian) Bonaventure (Canadian) both in Portsmouth. In addition some minimum activity on Albion & Bulwark. In Portsmouth and at sea. My colleague also went on Clemenceau (French, in Brest) Our other job was to train other Navies on the electrical circuits of the catapults. Got a bit interesting in translations! The Indian Navy personnel were fine with English but the British interpreter for the French was a huge joke as he had no technical knowledge at all. We also instructed on one of the first digital computers which calculated the speed aircraft were launched at. After all this with experience gained I got a draft chit to submarines but I failed the medical. Again our blunt boss suggested to Drafty that experienced gained would be lost so I got a pier head to Victorious my last sea going billet. I remained in Victorious until 1963 first as acting CEA for 2 Deck and above (which of course include catapults) and at the end of my time there as acting CEA for the long refit. Leaving in May ’63 or there abouts I went into Collingwood instructing in the Servo Section until I took my 12 in November 1963.  
Parry, Arthur COSSACK 1947-? CPO   Parry, Charles F. COSSACK 1950-1953 A/R. El
Died 28 December 2000 Partridge COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman   Patterson, Ernest COSSACK ? – 1949   Payne, “Whacker
COSSACK Able Seaman Paxton, John COSSACK 1951 POEL
Peachey. Mike
COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman     Pearson. G.W. COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.  
COSSACK 1945-1947 Lt Cdr (1st Lt)     Pemble. R.W.
COSSACK 1954-1955 Stoker   Pembroke COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman Radar 2 Mess  
Penfold. P
COSSACK 1951-1956 Leading Seaman   Pennington. Jake
COSSACK 1949-? Perkins COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman  
    Perry. A.T.S. COSSACK 1958-1960 Petty Officer Telegraphist Died 10 May 2000  
Perry  Dennis.J. “Tanky” COSSACK 1949-1951 Stoker Mechanic Joined RN 1946 and left 1953  
Perry. M.
COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Writer   Peters. Gaylord COSSACK ? – 1953    
Peterson. Andrew
COSSACK ? – 1949   Petter   (Fred)
COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Captain of the Top Pettman. Thomas COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman      
Phillips COSSACK 1955-1956 Colony Championship Holder – Boxing  
Phillips COSSACK 1957-1958 Chief Petty Officer  
Philpott. G.E. CJX549502 COSSACK 1945-29.11.46 Able Seaman (ST) Torpedoman. At Commissioning in Newcastle. Joined HMS Ganges (presumably as a Boy), then joined the barracks HMS Pembroke at Chatham.   He went onto to serve in Lynx, Glen Usk, Cossack, Aurangi and finally back to HMS Pembroke from where he was demobbed on 29th November 1946.  
  Piper COSSACK 1957-1958 LEM  
Pitt COSSACK 1957-1958 Chief Petty Officer
Pledger. R.S. COSSACK    
Poole. A.G.
COSSACK 1954–1955 Ordinary Telegraphist   Poole Arthur
COSSACK 1953-1954 Telegraphist   Pope. G.W. COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Signalman  
Popplewell. A.H. COSSACK 1945-1946 Able Seaman Joined RN age 16 Joined Cossack at Portland 1945. Demobbed 1946. At some point worked for Godmanchester Council Died 24 December 2006. Left a son and daughter  
Porter   COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer M(E)      
  COSSACK 1954-1955     Pragnell. R   COSSACK 1945- 1948 Leading Stoker Left RN 1963. Lives in Australia (1012)      
Preece. Eddie. “Brum”   C/SS 954746 URSA DRYAD COSSACK 1955-1959 Able Seaman SCORPION BATTLEAXE Joined RN 1955 and left 1963. Living in Tasmania Australia. (2012)      
Preston. COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman 2 Mess and TAS Division      
Price   COSSACK 1953-1954 Leading Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team 1952 1st XI Football team 1953 / 54    
  COSSACK 1946-1947 Stoker     Price. Jack F. S/SSX819662 GANGES 7.1.47-4.12.47 Boy ULSTER I Training Flotilla) 5.12.48-16.3.48 LOCH ARKAIG (4th Escort Group) 17.3.48-1.11.48 WILD FIRE 2.11.48- Ordinary Seaman RP3 course PEMBROKE 17.3.49 GABBARD 18.3.49-1.2.50 GABBARD 2.2.50-20.9.50 Able Seaman DUNCANSBY HEAD 21.9.50-25.1.51 Sheerness Reserve Fleet DRYAD 26.1.51-26.7.51 RP2 course PEMBROKE 8.10.51-8.10.51 COSSACK 9.10.51-3.5.52 COSSACK 4.5.52-2.3.54 Leading Seaman “Postie” PEMBROKE 3.3.54-1.11.55  Leading Seaman Discharged to RFR. Rated Petty Officer in RFR. Worked in the insurance business   See Page 15 “The Joining Routine” in the COSSACK CHRONICAL 1/2009. Died at 2000 on 6 November 2018    
  COSSACK 1946-1947 Stoker     Price. Jack F. S/SSX819662 GANGES 7.1.47-4.12.47 Boy ULSTER I Training Flotilla) 5.12.48-16.3.48 LOCH ARKAIG (4th Escort Group) 17.3.48-1.11.48 WILD FIRE 2.11.48- Ordinary Seaman RP3 course PEMBROKE 17.3.49 GABBARD 18.3.49-1.2.50 GABBARD 2.2.50-20.9.50 Able Seaman DUNCANSBY HEAD 21.9.50-25.1.51 Sheerness Reserve Fleet DRYAD 26.1.51-26.7.51 RP2 course PEMBROKE 8.10.51-8.10.51 COSSACK 9.10.51-3.5.52 COSSACK 4.5.52-2.3.54 Leading Seaman “Postie” PEMBROKE 3.3.54-1.11.55  Leading Seaman Discharged to RFR. Rated Petty Officer in RFR. Worked in the insurance business See Page 15 “The Joining Routine” in the COSSACK CHRONICAL 1/2009. Died at 2000 on 6 November 2018    
Prior   COSSACK 1955-1956 Boy  
Pullin. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 OA2    
Puddlecombe. K   COSSACK 1945-1947 Stoker Mechanic    
Pugh, David
COSSACK 1953-? Leading Writer Onboard during 1953. Actual dates not known
    Quartermaine. Alan   C/JX646456 ARETHEUSA 1944 ST GEORGE (Isle of Man) GANGES WHIRLWIND LEANDER GABBARD COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Seaman TAS Party. No 2 Mess.  Action Station –ACR JASEUR 1951-1953 Leading Seaman TD2 AISNE DELIGHT DIAMOND  CPO TASI Left RN 1969 Suffered a stroke early April 2016 and died in the early hours of Sunday 17 April 2016 aged 86.    
    Race. (Jack).John Dennis.   COSSACK 1946-1948 Signalman Died 23 October 2018 aged 91. Buried in Sugar Lane Cemetery Wakefield. Also served in the RAF  
Ralph   COSSACK 1950 Lt (C)        
Ramsey. W   COSSACK 1951-1953 Petty Officer    
Ramsbottom   COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)    
Randell. B   COSSACK 1947-1949 3 Mess    
Raymond. C.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    
Read   COSSACK 1954-1955    
Reddin   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman    
Redman   COSSACK 1946-1947 AB (2 badge)    
Redmond.   COSSACK 1957-1958 Lt Cdr    
Reed. Clement. “Blood” P/J934342 COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman AISNE Joined RN 1957 and left 1960    
Reed. D   COSSACK 1951-1954 LEM    
Reed. S.   COSSACK    
Reedie. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman
Rees   COSSACK 1955-1956 Petty Officer Writer    
Rees. D. Gwyn.   COSSACK 1958-1960 M(E)1 Member of hockey team    
Reeves. B.   COSSACK 1957-1959 Ordinary Seaman    
Reid. D.A.   COSSACK 1948-1951 Stoker Mechanic Part of the Boarding and Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.    
Reid. Jim. “Blood” P/J 959003   GANGES 1956-1957 ALBION 1957-1958 T.O. COSSACK 1958-1960 COCHRANE  1960-1961 CINCEASTLANT /COMNAVNORTH CINC FAR EAST 1962-1963 Phoenix Park Singapore RECLAIM DUCHESS 1970-1972 Admiralty Wireless Station Kranji Singapore Joined RN 1956. Living in Wigton (2012)          
Reynolds   COSSACK 1957-1958 Ch. Elect    
Reynalds. G.   COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.M.(E)    
Richards   COSSACK 1950-1951 Ordinary Seaman 2 Mess    
Richards   COSSACK 1953 CEO (R)    
Richards. G.   COSSACK 1951-1954    
Richardson. J   COSSACK 1951-1953 Able Seaman    
Ridgeway      T. G.   COSSACK 1949-1951 Lt Cdr. 1st Lt? Led the Boarding party for the SS Ethel Moller    
Ridgewell. W.G.   COSSACK 1945-  Leading Seaman (LTO)    
Riggs. R.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Canteen Manager    
Riley. G. E.  (Tim)   COSSACK 1950-1951 Leading Stoker Mechanic Died 31 March 2009. Wife Jean and two sons. Joined the London Fire Brigade on leaving the RN and went on to become a Senior Divisional Officer with the West Midlands Fire Service    
Ripp. Henry George (Harry.) MX77043 Joined RN PEMBROKE 15.4.41-16.10.41 HORNET 17.10.41-10.11.41 OA 5 MIDGE 11.11.41-16.6.42 Acting/OA 4 AGGRESSIVE 17.6.42-30.9.44 OA 4.  5.3.41 PEMBROKE  23.2.45-23.3.45 OA3  9.7.42 COSSACK 24.3.45-5.12.45 Joined at Newcastle on Tyne PEMBROKE 6.12.45-24.3.46 Released 24.3.46 Born 6.7.1920 Was an apprentice engineer fitter and turner Commended by the C-in-C the Nore. Married wife Phyllis 6.6.42 and had 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. On leaving RN worked in a hardware shop. Left the UK in October 1952 to become a £10 POM sailing from Glasgow to Australia in RMS Cameronia.  Sponsored by a family in Melbourne he arrived on 6.11.52. Immediately started work the national Instrument company at Essendon airport, Melbourne designing instruments for the aviation industry until his retirement  31years later. Harry and Phillis officially became Australian citizens in 1982.  Was a Scout leader of Rovers and was responsible for the main entrance gate to the Tree Tops Scout Camp at Macedon. Died 30 August 2014. Survived by son Norman                        
Risby. K.   COSSACK 1958-1959 L.T.O.    
Rivers   COSSACK 1954-1955 Able Seaman    
Roalf. J   COSSACK 1948-1950 ERA    
Roberts   COSSACK 1951-1954 From Norfolk?    
Roberts. D.W.   COSSACK 1955-1956 Telegraphist    
Robertson. Ray C.N. BEM  (Chippy)   COSSACK 1957-1958 Shipwright 1st Class  
Robinson   COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Seaman Quarterdeck Football team    
Robinson   COSSACK 1952-? Quarterdeck Football Team 1952    
Robinson. C   COSSACK 1951-1953 Ordinary Seaman May have saved a shipmate when there was a fire in the forward paint locker. Left the RN about 1947 as a Chief Petty Officer    
Robinson. S.   COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)  Member of hockey team    
Robson   COSSACK 1950-? Yeoman    
Robson. (Robbie)   COSSACK 1953-? TAS Party    
Robson. R.H.   COSSACK 1948-1949 Leading Stoker Mechanic    
Rogers. Will   COSSACK 1949-1951 Stoker    
Rogers   (Hinny)   COSSACK 1957-1958 Cook 3 Mess    
Rosam “ Big Jim”   COSSACK 1956-1957    
Ross   COSSACK 1957-1958 Sub Lt    
Ross. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)          
Ross Les. PJ/976903 NAVAL BASE PORTSMOUTH ALBION COSSACK MERCURY CAVALIER TERROR Joined RN 1957 and left as Radio Operator 2 in 1961    
Rothwell Ivor   COMUS 1.1.57 Petty Officer Telegraphist (Wireless Instructor) COSSACK 9.4.57-18.9.57 MERCURY 19.9.57 9.1957 Commissioned 16.6.1958 LINCOLN First LT. Royal Australian Air Force April  1967 Royal Australian Navy March 1978 Commander Retired list 12.1984 My early background in the RN was as a submarine Leading Telegraphist and Petty Officer Telegraphist.  I undertook the Wireless Instructor Course in 1954/55.  Joined COMUS in Mombasa on 1 January 1957 as Petty Officer Telegraphist (Wireless Instructor) , transferred to COSSACK in Singapore probably in early June (with everyone else ex-COMUS) and left COSSACK in September to return to the UK for courses.  I was discharged from COMUS (TAMAR) Ship’s Books in September 1957 to MERCURY.   Commissioned on 16 June 1958 on completion of [SD][C] Courses.  I held two Submarine Squadron appointments as a Communications Officer   Retired prematurely from the RN to join the Royal Australian Air Force, which I entered as a Flight Lieutenant.  I became a Wing Commander in that Service and transferred to the Royal Australian Navy as Commander in March 1978.    My last job in the RAN was in Canberra as Controller of the RAN’s strategic communications, Retired List in December 1984 and joined the Australian Public Service first as Security Controller of The National Library of Australia then into the Department of Defence as Deputy Director Communications Security.  I have three children (now all middle-aged adults), six grand-children and five great-grandchildren.  At 87 years of age I am still reasonably fit and active, much-travelled with my wife of now 67 years (dated 2017)   Retired list
Rowland. Don John C/SSX 858032 COSSACK 1947-1957    
Rush. D.G.   COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Coder (Ed)    
Russell. E. (Russ)   COSSACK 1958-1959 L.M. (E) Starboard Forward Stokers Mess    
Rutherford. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Sick Berth Attendant    
Ryan   COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Signalman      
    Sacre. C.M.M.   COSSACK 1951-1954 Petty Officer ME    
Saetta. Alf   COSSACK 1955-1956 REM1    
Salmon.   COSSACK 1949 Leading Seaman Gunner’s Yeoman    
Salt. D.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    
Sanderson (Pancho)   COSSACK 1958-1959 SA    
Sandison   COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt. Married Mrs J McC from Victoria Australia.  Met in England married in Singapore    
Sansbury   COSSACK 1957-1958 ERA    
Satterthwaite. Ken   EXCELLENT Seaman Gunner VICTORY 1956-? Able Seaman COMUS COSSACK 1957-1958 Forward PO Messman and A mounting      
Saunders. James Alfred J944326   St VINCENT 12.7.55-19.1.56 Boy 2nd Class St VINCENT  20.1.56-31.3.56 Boy 1st Class St VINCENT 1.4.56-9.8.56 Junior Seaman 1st Class EXCELLENT 10.8.56-23.9.56 EXCELLENT 24.9.56-10.10.56 (Seaman Gunner C) ADAMANT 11.10.56-15.5.57 ADAMENT 16.5.57-23.6.57 Ordinary Seaman (Seaman Gunner *) ADAMENT 24.6.57-25.2.58 BELLEROPHON 26.2.58-10.6.58 COSSACK (Tamar) 11.6.58-30.6.58 COSSACK ((Terror) 1.7.58-15.7.58 COSSACK(Terror) 16.7.58-13.11.59 Able Seaman COSSACK (DrakeX) 14.11.59-24.2.60 EXCELLENT 25.2.60-24.10.60 EXCELLENT 25.10.60-9.1.61 (QA2) MULL OF KINTYRE(Victory) 10.1.61-15.5.61 EXCELLENT 16.5.61-15.8.61 ARK ROYAL 16.8.61-9.1061 VICTORY(RNDQs) 9.10.61-18.1.62 ARK ROYAL19.1..62-7.2.64 DOLPHIN 8.2.64-27.2.64 VICTORY 28.2.64-31.8.64 EXCELLENT 1.9.64-23.2.66 BARROSA (Terror) 24.2.66-20.5.66 BARROSA(Drake) 21.5.66-29.6.66 VICTORY 30.6.66-15.11.66 Time expired    
Saunders  (Sandy) (Gropo)   COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman Regulating Branch    
Savage. W. (Bill)   COSSACK 1958-1959 PO Cook (S)    
Sawyer. E.   COSSACK 1950-1951 Telegraphist Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident    
Sayer.  Sir Guy. B.     COSSACK 1946-1947 Captain RN Commanding Officer  Made Vice Admiral    
Scarlett. Geoffrey. C/MX848799   ROYAL ARTHUR Jan 1948 CERES Part 2 training – Writer PEMBROKE April 1948 Naval Air Fighting Development Unit 787 NAS Nov 1948 NEPTUNE (Reserve Fleet Chatham) Nov 1950 BEN LOMOND Petty Officer Writer Germ Warfare COSSACK 1954-1955 FULMAR (RNAS Lossimouth) June 1955 VERNON June 1958 Promoted December 1961 Sub Lt (SD) EXCELLENT Feb 1962 PEMBROKE Feb 1964 MAIDSTONE (Faslane) Jan 1966 PEMBROKE  Jan 1967 CENTURIAN (Haslemere) Jan 1970 Computer Study Team March 1973 Writer’s Training Officer  Lt Cdr RN NEPTUNE (Faslane) COMNAVSOUTH (Naples) March 1976 PRESIDENT CENTURION June 1978 RETIRED July 1980 On retirement did voluntary work for SSAFA. Member  of Liss and District RNA Died 7 April 2013 – age 82 – in hospital with cancer of the liver having been diagnosed.          
Scarr   COSSACK 1957-1958 Chief.ERA      
Scholefield. Keith C/ SMX915746 COLLINGWOOD 7.10.52-10.9.53 REM 2 PEMBROKE 11.9.63-7.10.53 SWIFTSURE 8.10.53-8.10.53 PEMBROKE 9.10.53-20.6.55 COSSACK 21.7.55-25.8.56 Acting LREM CHEVIOT 26.8.56-29.11.56 PEMBROKE 30.11.56-23.1.57 COLLINGWOOD 24.1.57-25.2.58 LLANDAFF 26.2.58-14.10.58 ROEBUCK 14.10.58-1.9.59 Acting Petty Officer RE PEMBROKE 2.9.59-6.10.59 RFR 7.10.59-7.10.69      
Schofield W   COSSACK Feb 1954 REA4    
Scott M. C.   COSSACK    
*Scott Walter (Scotty) C/JX 580234 Iceland  – Telegraphist  Listening to U-boat communications COSSACK 9.6.45-8.5.46 Commissioning crew 6 Mess Remembers that the funnel became so hot during sea trails that the paint peeled off. VENERABLE SERUWA 16.5.46 CUMBERLAND 28.5.46 Arrived back in England 16 June 1946 Demobbed 8.7.46    
Scudder   COSSACK 1954 CREA / PO Tels      
Sears   COSSACK 1957 Able Seaman      
Sechi ?  G   COSSACK    
Seely. The Hon. D. P.   HESPERUS 1941 Lt BAZELY March 1943-1st Lt QUICKMATCH KEMPENFELT COSSACK 1958-1959 Commander RN Commanding Officer MERCURY 1960 AJAX 1963-1965 Captain Lord Mottistone, David Patrick Seely was born on December 16 1920, the fourth son of the 1st Lord Mottistone. David’s godparents were Winston Churchill and the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII); he entered Dartmouth as a 13-year old cadet. Died November 24 2011 aged 90 First Patron of the RN Amateur Radio Society (1985) Was a successful naval officer, businessman and supporter of the charity SANE. As Lt David Seely, he joined the destroyer Hesperus in early 1941 (commanded by Donald Macintyre ) Seely’s first three months in Hesperus were spent on Atlantic convoy duty. In May 1941 the ship was part of a relief convoy to Malta and delivered aircraft to the island. She was also part of the destroyer escort of the battlecruiser Renown and the carrier Ark Royal in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck. On December 7 1941 Seely witnessed Macintyre sink his first U-boat, U-208, by depth charge; then, on January 15 1942, Macintyre sank a second, U-93. After repairs, Hesperus returned to the Atlantic and escorted a dozen convoys, several without loss. On Boxing Day she sank U-357.In March 1943 Seely was appointed first-lieutenant of the lease-lend destroyer Bazely, and in October he helped successfully defend convoy ONS 206, when wolf pack Schliffen was driven off with the loss of one merchant ship for the loss of six U boats; it was one of the most disastrous nights of the war for the U-boats.Then, in November, Bazely was part of the escort of Convoy SL 140 when 65 merchant ships were attacked off Cape St Vincent by 13 U-boats of wolf pack Weddigen. Bazely helped to sinkU-648 on November 23; two days later she sank U-600.During Operation Neptune in June 1944, Bazely’s escort group was deployed in the Western Approaches to keep U-boats from interfering with the landings in Normandy.In September 1944 Seely decided to specialise as a signals officer. On completing his course he sailed in the Australian destroyer Quickmatch to Sydney, where he joined the destroyer flotilla leader Kempenfelt in the British Pacific Fleet for the closing months of the war and the liberation of Hong Kong.He returned to Britain in December 1945, saying he had had a “rather a dull war – I never got sunk”. Shortly after the war he was court-martialled for losing the safe key giving access to a ship’s cryptographic material, and was deprived of two years’ seniority as a lieutenant: he thought the sentence was “very fair,” but the Admiralty reduced the punishment on review. Seely commanded the destroyer Cossack in 1958-59, and the new frigate Ajax from 1963 to 1965. He was mentioned in despatches for his part in foiling a landing by enemy soldiers north of Kuala Lumpur during the Malayan Emergency. He was Naval Adviser in Ottawa in 1965-66. On succeeding his half-brother as the 4th Lord Mottistone in 1966, he retired from the Navy in the rank of Captain..In retirement he was a director of Radio Rentals Group; the Distributive Industry Training Board; and the Cake and Biscuit Alliance.He was appointed CBE in 1984. Mottistone was Lord Lieutenant for the Isle of Wight from 1986 to 1995, and in 1992 was appointed its Governor on the revival of the post (it had not been filled after Lord Mountbatten’s assassination in 1979). He was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron, the longest-serving member of the Royal Cruising Club, and Commodore of the House of Lords Yacht Club. As first chairman of the mental health charity SANE, he presided over its fortunes from 1986 to 2009, seeing the charity through many difficult challenges. He married, in 1944, Anthea McMullan, who died last year, and is survived by their two sons and two daughters; another daughter predeceased him.        
Semour   COSSACK ? – 1953 CPO      
Sewell. Alf   COSSACK 1947 CPO    
Sexton  (Sexy)   COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer Elect    
Seymour. Robert.  (Bob)   WARSPITE JAY VERDUN HOLDERNESS COSSACK 1951-1954 CPO Coxswain Served 1936 to 1960 Awarded the BEM. Member of Redcar and District RNA Died 20 November 2009 aged 88     SALISBURY    
Shad. T.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer      
Shand. Neil    Dr.   COSSACK 1945-1947 Surgeon Lt Lives in Sidney. NSW Member of ship’s Whaler passage 29/30 May 1947.  Mersing  (Johore) to Kuantan (Pahang) with Cdr (E) Aylen, PO Pearce and 4 ratings.  See Newsletter 3/2006 for details    


Sharkey. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Sharp. E.   COSSACK 1950-1951 Sick Bay Attendant Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.      
Shaw  “Hey Ho”   COSSACK Mess 6      
Shearer   COSSACK 1957-1958 Signalman      
Sheena   COSSACK Ships Dog Acquired in Hong Kong during annual docking  
*Sheldrake. William Henry. J937398 COLLINGWOOD 18.5.54 PEMBROKE 1-3 21.10.54 Ordinary Seaman PEMBROKE 1-2 5.11.54 Able Seaman COSSACK (TAMAR) 21.6.55-1956 CHEVIOT (TAMAR) 25.8.56 Leading Seaman PEMBROKE 1-2 15.12.56 VERNON 5.2.57 OSPREY 14.3.57 HORNET BOLD PIONEER 16.6.57 DOLPHIN 21.9.57 CF BASE DOLPHIN 14.12.57 DILIGENCE 3.1.58 PEMBROKE 1-4 (CROSSBOW) PHONECIA (CROSSBOW) 22.8.59 PEMBROKE (CROSSBOW) 22.8.59 OSPREY 2 19.3.60 VICTORY  17.1.61 ADAMENT 16.10.61 RALEIGH 20.3.63 ADAMENT  7.9.63 VICTORY 1 31.10.63 VICTORY 2 3.4.64 Born 31.12.36. Died 25.2.11   Was a factory hand before joining RN   Medical discharge 29.6.1966 PUNS 1967 65% war pension 1985 85% war pension      
Shortland. W.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman 1st XI Football team      
Shower   COSSACK 1952-1954 Leading Seaman Quarterdeck Football Team 1952      
Showell. Bill   COSSACK 1947 Boy Seaman Left Southampton 2 April 1947 on troop ship STRATHNAVER arriving in Hong Kong three weeks later.      
Shuttleworth. K   COSSACK 1958-1959 P.O.EL    
Simpson   COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Telegraphist    
Simpson. Norman “Simmo” M927523 FMG PORTLAND EDINBURGH EAGLE DIANA COLLINGWOOD COSSACK 1957-1959 BLACKWOOD AURORA LEM GAMBIA Joined RN 1953 and left 1990 as CPO WEA      
Sims  Edwin   COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer    
Sims. G.   COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.    
Sisley. John.   COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman Served in RN 1949 – 1959 Chairman of Lydd and Dungeness RNA Died 4 March 2006 age 73  
Siu Kit Wah   COSSACK 1957-1959 Leading Cook (O) Chinese L.E.P.    
Skinn. David Miller   COSSACK 1951 POEL      
Slade. N.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Chief ERA    
Slade. Phillip.   COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E) Married Miss Heather Herbert of Albany W. A. at the Wesley Methodist Church Perth      
Slater. C.   COSSACK 1958-1959 T.O.      
Small. Sam   COSSACK 1955? EM      
Smeeth   COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman    
Smith C.C.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Smith. D.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Smith D.P.S.   COSSACK 1955-1956 Able Seaman Died October 1995    
Smith. Eric Russell   COSSACK 1945-1947 Leading Stoker      
Smith. H.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman    
Smith. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 L.M.(E)    
Smith. Ken   COSSACK 1949-1951 Boy Seaman    
Smith. Ken   COSSACK 1948-1950 Able Seaman    
Smith L.G.   COSSACK 1950-1951 Able Seaman Part of the Boarding and Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.    
Smith. M.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman    
Smith. Roger CMX835163 COSSACK Able Seaman LOCH ALVIE Joined RN 1947 and left 1956      
Smith R.W. Herbert   COSSACK 6 June 1945 Sub Lt Promoted to Lt in January 1946. Also served on HMS BELFAST and later became ADC to Lord Louis Mountbatten in Malta. After leaving the RN worked for Lloyds and then as manager/proprietor of the restaurant ‘Wild Thyme’ in Putney Died 20 December 2005    
Smith. W.  “Horse”   COSSACK 1945-1947 Leading Stoker    
Smith. William “Bill”   COSSACK ARK ROYAL Joined RN 1950 and left 1960    
Smollett. James Anthony. COSSACK 1958-1959 Ordinary Seaman LEOPARD Died December 2015 and interred at Southern Cemetery, Manchester      
Snelling   COSSACK Ordinary Seaman    
Snowden   COSSACK 1953-1954 Able Seaman 1st XI Football team      
Snowden. Charles Taylor   COSSACK 1955-1956 EMI Discharged early      
Sparkes. Alfred (Snowy)   VICTORIOUS (815 FAA) PEMBROKE BICESTER ANSON COSSACK BELFAST VICTORY Joined 1949 left 1955      
Speachly   COSSACK 1953-1955 OA Represented the ship at water polo and went on to become part of the RN Water polo Team and selection committee      
Spendelow. Frank. H.   GANGES 12.9.33-3.2.34 Boy 2nd Class GANGES 4.2.34-24.11.34 Boy 1st Class GANGES 25.11.34-29.11.34 Signal Boy NELSON 30.11.34-8.5.35 NELSON 9.5.35-20.10.35 Ordinary Signalman Specially rated (backdated to 22.10.34) NELSON 21.10.35-3.1.36 SKATE 4.1.36-3.4.36 Signalman VICTORY 4.4.36-17.4.36 GRIFFEN 18.4.36-18.5.36 DOUGLAS 20.5.36-31.7.36 GRENVILLE 1.8.36-20.7.38 VICTORY 21.7.38-9.9.38 DURBAN 10.9.38-10.1.39 ARK ROYAL 11.1.39-31.1.39 ARK ROYAL 1.2.39-20.5.39 ARK ROYAL 21.5.39-25.5.39 Acting Leading Signalman SOMALI 1.2.40-1.2.41 Reverted Signalman SOMALI 2.2.41-11.2.42 ORIBI 12.2.42-20.7.42 Acting Leading Signalman MERCURY 21.7.42-31.8.42 MERCURY 1.9.42-6.10.42 Leading Signalman EVOLUTION 7.10.42-31.12.42 HANNIBAL 1.1.43-31.8.43 HANNIBAL 1.9.43-9.1.44 Acting Yeoman of Signals Temp DERBY 10.1.44-11.8.44 RHYLL 12.8.44-26.1.45 MERCURY 27.1.45-22.8.45 GOLDEN HIND 23.8.45-16.12.45 Yeoman of Signals Temp. MANXMAN 17.12.45-20.1.46 MANXMAN 21.1.46-9.2.46 COSSACK 10.2.46-9.9.46 MERCURY 10.9.46-22.3.47 VICTORY 23.3.47-22.6.47 Released Class A. Died at 6am on 1 August 2013 at Newport Gwent. Awarded the Arctic Star. Provided the White Ensign that is used for funerals of members Lt Cdr in Sea Cadet Corp      
Spindler. P.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman
Spindler. S.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Spinks. Harry J.   Joined RN 1942 Age 16 Boy Telegraphist Whitehall W/T RAMEHEAD Hong Kong W/T 1946 FULMAR COSSACK 1951-1954 Petty Officer Telegraphist SUPERB LOCH KILLISPORT Left RN 1956 Married to Irene for 56 years and worked for Cundys as a surveyor/estimator/rep. Died 7 September 2005 Age 79      
Stanley. G   COSSACK 1956-1957 Leading Seaman      
Stannard. J   COSSACK 1955-1956 Boy      
Statham. (Bill) W. G.   COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Seaman Died 31 October 2002      
Stead. G.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Steedon. J.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman      
Steel. C.   COSSACK 1958-1959 M.(E)      
Stephens. T.L.   COSSACK 1955-1956 Leading Cook (S) Passed for Petty Officer      
Sterns   COSSACK 1952-1953 Lt.      
Stevens. D   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman /Leading Seaman.   Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.      
Stewart. A.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer      
Stobbs. K.R.   COSSACK 1955-1956 Lt Cdr      
Stradly   COSSACK 1958-1959      
Stroud   COSSACK 1957-1958 LM.(E)      
Stumper. Buster   COSSACK 1947-1949 Ship’s Cat      
Sundin. A.   COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)      
Sutton   COSSACK 1947 Lieutenant      
Sutton K   COSSACK 1958-1960 POM (E) Starboard Forward Stokers Mess  
Swain. John   GANGES  Boy Seaman COSSACK 1948-1951 Ordinary Seaman      
Swan. V.   COSSACK 1958-1959 ERA 5      
Swatman. K.   COSSACK 1958-1959 S. A. (S)      
Syrett. P.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Lt Cdr      
Syson . R.   COSSACK 1950-1952 Able Seaman Died 28.4 20 aged 90 of 79 Newfield Avenue Moorends Doncaster South Yorkshire Spent 12 years in the Navy and served on several ships including Superb and Cossack. He was very proud of his time in the Navy and wore his badges and ensign on his jackets He was onboard the ship during the Yangtze incident


Tarbard. Austin. “Putty” COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman (RC2)  Ship’s Putty’ working in the forepeak. Guarded two N. Korean prisoners locked in the Chippy’s Shop.          Ran a hotel in South Africa for a while before returning to Norfolk to run an  Off-licence Died 24 October 2008  
Tarrant. P.
COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.   Tate
COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman Taylor
COSSACK Stoker   Taylor
  COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)   Taylor. Alan PJ972097 COSSACK 1958-1960 R02S Electronic Warfare Systems Operator  
Taylor. David “Buck” SSXA31668 AJAX SEABRAY COSSACK 2018 – in late 80’s. Lives in Moredon, Swindon
Taylor. G.
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman   Taylor J.
COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman   Taylor. Leslie
COSSACK 1948-1957   Taylor. Leslie “Les” H CSSX839155 SUPERB COSSACK 1949-1951 Able Seaman PEMBROKE Joined RN 1948 and left 1957 B Gun loader. Died of cancer 21.12.11 Spent 10 years in the RN before being employed in lift installation and maintenance.  Wife Jean. Children Debbie and Paul.
Taylor Peter Edward. M 932432 VICTORY 13.10.53-26.10.53 Junior Assistant Cook 2 CERES 27.10.53-9.3.54 CERES-10.3.54-24.3.54 Junior Assistant Cook 1 DRAKE 25.3.54-12.5.54 DRAKE 13-5.54-7.954 Assistant Cook (S) VANGUARD 8.9.54-31.12.54 VICTORY 1.1.55-4.3.55 BOXU (Victory) 5.3.55-12.3.55 BOXU (Victory) 13.3.55-8.12.55 Cook (S) VICTORY 9.12.55-1.3.56 ARMADA (Victory IV) 2.3.56-30.4.56 VICTORY 1.5.56-17.8.56 TYNE 18.8.56-30.1.57 TYNE 31.1.57-9.4.57 Leading Cook (S) VICTORY 10.4.57-2.6.57 LOCH FYNE 3.6.57-18.7.57 DRAKE 19.7.57-6.6.58 COSSACK (TAMAR) 7.6.58-6.6.58 COSSACK 1.7.58-13.11.59 COSSACK (DRAKE 2) 14.11.59-27.1.60 CAMBRIDGE 28.1.60-4.9.60 DRAKE 5.9.60-29.10.60 CAMBRIDGE 30.10.60-26.4.61 ROYAL ARTHUR 27 .4.61-8.6.61 CAMBRIDGE 9.6.61-26.3.62 CASSANDRA (TERROR) 27.3.62-13.1.63 CASSANDRA 14.1.63-15.10.63 RALEIGH 16.10.63-24.8.64 RALEIGH 25.8.64 (2.10.64)- 22.4.65 Acting Petty Officer Cook (S) EASTBOURNE 23.4.65-24.8.65 EASTBOURNE 25.8.65-24.4.67 Petty Officer Cook (S) RALEIGH 25.4.67-26.7.68 ZULU 27.7.67-8.2.68 DRAKE 9.2.68-16.2.68 Royal Fleet Reserve 17.2.68-16.2.73 Born 13 November 1936 at Cardiff Received Naval General Service (Near East) 23 10 58. Received Hurt Certificate 14.3.56 Deputy Standard Bearer from 2005. Died 23 September 2019. Born in Cardiff 13.11.1936 Ship Mate Peter Taylor grew up during the war years and was evacuated up the valley’s for a period of this time but experienced some of the heavy bombing that Cardiff encountered during these years. He was the youngest of 4 siblings. He was a very good all-round sportsman and represented Cardiff School Boys at rugby football and cricket. His flare for all sports was something he passed on to both of his sons who gained county representative honours in several sports including Rugby, Cricket, and cross country through his coaching and training. He joined the Royal Navy in the early 1950’s and served on the Cossack during its last commission and was the youngest remaining serving member of the Cossack Association. He met his wife Sue whilst they were both serving at HMS Raleigh in the early 1960’s and they married in 1965 in Plymouth. On the arrival of his second son Neil Pete left the navy to pursue a career in catering and private service with Sue. They spent many years working together but also shared a love of dancing which Pete had learnt to do in the dance halls of Cardiff. It should be pointed out this was also where he learnt his skills on the snooker table and even after he lost the sight in his right eye in March 1985 (due to an accident with a champagne cork) he continued to play to very high standard until quite recently. Upon leaving the Navy Pete joined the Royal British Legion and became a standard bearer in many of their branches as he moved around the country with his wife through their work as a Butler and Cook partnership serving their employers. He was county standard bearer in 2 different counties (Devon and Cumbria) which is a very rare achievement and of course a keen standard bearer for the association. He went to the Royal Albert Hall commemoration service on several occasions, and to many events such as the Queens Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee RBL events as a standard bearer. He was also very good at representing the association wherever it was required. In his latter years to assist with his Alzheimer’s he joined several singing groups using his very good Welsh singing voice in several concerts and events. His funeral was attended by family and friends from all over the country, including several members of the association, and was a real celebration of his life where his elder son Paul paid tribute to Pete’s amazing sense of humour and love of life. He was given a true Navy mans send off with a very extended “Up-spirits” and musical tributes by those assembled. He will be a much missed member of the Cossack family.      
Taylor. R.
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman   Taylor. R.G.
COSSACK 1946-1948 Telegraphist   Taylor. T.
COSSACK 1958-1959 R.O.   Thicket  (Lester Piggott)
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Petty Officer M(E)     Thomas
  COSSACK ?-1953 Able Seaman Received £5 for gun efficiency   Thomas. F.M.( Mike /Tomo) COSSACK 1958-1959 Acting Leading EM (3 June 2019) My wife and I have been married 61 years as of the 19th April this year, which works out that we were married in April 1958. We decided to get married as I was going to join Cossack in Singapore in June of that year (the “overseas” allowance for being  Married would be useful, as indeed it was). After a very tearful goodbye I flew out to Singapore to join Cossack and didn’t see my “new wife” for eighteen months, the only communication being the flimsy air mail letters of the time. As I had already spent eighteen months on HMS Newcastle in the Far East previously I knew what to expect and it was a repeat “showing the flag”. In many places, Australia and New Zealand in particular with lots of invites and hospitality from the locals. My wife “bless her “stayed at her parents and carried on with her job (as a divorce clerk at a local solicitors). With the help of the previously mentioned overseas allowance and after I came out of the Navy in 1960 we were able to get a mortgage and bought our first house from new.   The day in I think was November (Actually December) 1959 was a day I shall remember forever when we “finally” docked alongside in Devonport. My wife had travelled down from Leicester expecting the ship to be in on a certain date. It didn’t happen. On arriving at the Dockyard gate she was told that the ship wouldn’t be arriving yet! We had been involved in an unusually powerful storm in the Bay of Biscay and eventually arrived, I think it was two days late.   The greeting we had on arrival was tremendous and we both learned later that we had been seen on TV. My wife to this day refers to her first sight of the ship she had not previously seen “in the flesh” so to speak as “ I can’t believe that you have been on that tiny ship all this time and in all types of weather”. What was perhaps more shocking to her was the state the ship was in with lots of damaged items on the upper deck and lots of water where you wouldn’t expect it to be! The electricians mess was to her a little surprising “thirteen of you have lived in that small space”!!!    Needless to say we made up for “lost time” when I eventually was on leave and up the line.    
*Thomas. Francis Vivian C/JX656042   GANGES 3.11.43-4.11.43 Ordinary Seaman ROYAL ARTHUR 1.7.44-20.8.44 GANGES 21.8.44-2.3.45 VALKYRIE 3.3.45-30.3.45 COLLINGWOOD 31.3.45-20.4.45 COLINGWOOD 21.4.45-6.5.45 Ordinary Seaman Acting RP3 PEMBROKE 7.5.45-2.7.45 GANGES 3.7.45-22.8.45 GOLDEN HIND 23.8.45-8.4.46 Acting Able Seaman RP3 GOULD 9.4.46-20.8.46 GOULD 21.8.46-2.9.46 Able Seaman RP3 COSSACK 3.9.46-25.10.47 PEMBROKE 26.10.47-3.3.48 Able Seaman RP3 Released to unpaid Reserves Born 1 July 1926 London. Mother Elizabeth Maynard Thomas. The Mount, Springfield, Chelmsford. Essex.   Receive £2.19.10 salvage award  for SS “Tai Tong”  
  COSSACK 1951-1954 P.O. Tel       Thompson   (Tommo)
Thompson. V.
  COSSACK 1958-1959 ERA3     Thornsley. A.R.
  COSSACK   Chaplain   Thorpe (Buster)   Skate with McClean and MacQuillin. Missed HVK Exercise in 1955 because he fell asleep in Yukosaka    
Thorpe. Mick COSSACK 1958-1959 . Able Seaman TAS Party    
Tierney. Geoff
    Tilley. K.   COSSACK 1958-1959 R.E.M 1    
Tilt. Paul Trevor. P/M 946956   COLLINGWOOD 15.2.55-16.12.55 JREM2 COLLINGWOOD 17.12.55-5.3.56 JREM1 DUNDAS (VICTORY) 6.3.56-27.3.56 DUNDAS (VICTORY) 28.3.56-30.4.56 REM2 DUNDAS (OSPREY) 1.5.56-1.11.56 COLLINGWOOD 2.11.56-3.1.57 COMUS (TAMAR) 4.1.57-21.3.57 COMUS (TAMAR) 28.3.87-8.4.57 REM1 COSSACK (TAMAR) 9.4.57-15.6.58 COLLINGWOOD 16.6.58-27.3.59 COLLINGWOOD 27.3.59-18.8.59 A/L REM SHACKLETON 19.8.59-27.3.60 SHACKLETON 28.3.60-22.10.60 COLLINGWOOD 23.10.60-21.12.60 TERROR 22.12.61-12.10.62 TERROR 13.10.62-21.3.63 A/POREl 22.11.62 VICTORY 22.3.63-16.5.63 COLLINGWOOD 17.5.63-12.10.63 COLLINGWOOD 13.10.63-30.3.64 POREL LION 31.3.64-13.6.65 VERNON 14.6.65-1.2.66 VICTORY 2.2.66-4.2.66 Discharge by purchase (£100) Oct 65 Enrolled in RFR B12907 Now lives in Nicosia, Cyprus;   –
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Sub Lt (SD)     Tindley   COSSACK 1954-1955 Petty Officer (Radar)  
Tin Tak Fai   COSSACK 1957-1959 Leading Steward Chinese L.E.P. –    
Tobin. J.
  COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman     Todd. A.   COSSACK 1950—1951 Ordinary Seaman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.      
Toomey. George   COSSACK 1947-1940 Sick Bay Attendant   Died 3 May 2014 at a nursing home at Chapel St. Leonards. Founder member of the Cossack Association. From conversations over years past we think he joined up at HMS Royal Arthur at Skegness where he would have done his part 1 training.   His SBA training was at RN Hospital, Chatham and then joined Cossack in 1947 until 1949.   He mentioned he had served in RN Hospital, Netley After his RN service he worked as a Draughtsman for the Ford Motor Company at Dagenham.   After marrying Pat (he was her 2nd husband) they set up a boarding house at Southend on Sea.   It was from there he founded the British Pearl Harbour Association sometime in the 1970’s.  In about 1986 he founded the 8th Destroyer Association and then in 1991, the HMS Cossack Association.   Its first meeting was at Southend, The first actual reunion was held at TS Cossack’s Crawley HQ in June 1992.    
Tomlin. A.
  COSSACK 1958-1959 Chief Mechanic Awarded the BEM     Toms. R.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman
  Townsend  (Townie)
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman     Trigg. C.
  COSSACK 1954-1955 Leading Stoker Mechanic   Travell
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman   Trowbridge. R Ships include DANAE, BARHAM, BOREAS, WAGER, COSSACK, CARYSFORT, BERMUDA, EXCELLENT, DUNCAN, HAMPSHIRE, BRITANNIA Born 22 January 1920. Died 4 May 2001 aged 83 Made Rear Admiral KCVO. Governor of Western Australia 1980 – 83    
Tsang Chung
  COSSACK 1958-1959 Steward       Tucker Tommy
  COSSACK 1954-1955 TAS       Tunks. M
  COSSACK 1949-1951 Ordinary Signalman       Turland. A
  COSSACK 1958-1959 Petty Officer       Turner. A.   COSSACK 1958-1959 Able Seaman
  COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman     Tyler. L.W.
  COSSACK 1950-1951 PO Telegraphist Died 3 November 1996       Tyrrell. B.   COSSACK 1948-1950 Able Seaman



COSSACK 1947 Lt (E)


Varley  R.

COSSACK 1945-1947 Lt Cdr Flotilla Gunnery Officer

Vaughan. J.M.

COSSACK 1957-1958 Lt Cdr



Verrill “Coconut”

COSSACK 1957-1958 ME  

Vivian. David




COSSACK 1954-1955  Stoker Mechanic  

Waites. Leslie James “Stokes” CKX 903368   COSSACK 1952-1963 LME Joined RN in 1952 and left in 1963 Believed to be living in Spain.

Wakefield. Norman “Shorty”

GANGES 16 OCT 1928 COSSACK 1949-1951 Leading Seaman Left the RN March 1953. Part of the Boarding Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.

Walker. D.

COSSACK 1958-1958 E. M.  

*Walker. Hugh.  


Walker. Joe  

COSSACK 1951-1954 Able Seaman

Walker P.

COSSACK 1951-1955 Commissioned Gunner LALESTON WHIRLWIND ? – 1957 PEMBROKE  


COSSACK 1955-1956 Supply Assistant Made Leading Supply Assistant

Wallace. M.  

P/K964043 RALEIGH 22.5.56 PLOVER VANGUARD COSSACK 1958-1959 M (E)1 VICTORY Royal Yacht 1960 FORTH DOLPHIN SULTAN BROADSWORD DAINTY VICTORIOUS RN Reserve 18/19 year old on the Cossack in Far East 1958/9 as M E 1. Lots of memories’ sad at bringing her home to Devonport Dec 59, – closing boiler’s & engine room down for “moth ball fleet. Joined 22 May 1956 training at Raleigh – schooling on Sluy’s alongside HMS Howe. Then to Portsmouth joined HMS Plover for 13 months. HMS  Vanguard for 6 months. Then out the Far East to the Cossack. Back home to Devonport and then to Pompey – Victory barrack’s. Was down to join HMS  Protector but ended up on royal yacht for Princess Margaret’s honeymoon 1960. I was on the yacht for about 10 months. Then drafted to HMS Forth. Passed fleet board for killick. Onto Dolphin, then Sultan for engineering course. To Malta to join HMS Broadsword. Came home to Pompey worked on HMS Dainty in extended refit. Finally 15 month’s on HMS Victorious again Far East. I was newly married and left the Andrew buying myself out. Two years on reserve.

Walter. P.C. (See Newins)

Ward E. COSSACK 1955-1957 Able Seaman  

Ward. William COSSACK  

Wardle COSSACK 1947-? Divisional Officer?

Wareham COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)

Warner. Neville.  

C/MX 810290 ROYAL ARTHUR 15.10.46-2.1.47 Probationary Stores Assist CERES 3.1.47-18.5.47 P/SA./SA PEMBROKE 19.5.47-30.5.47 Stores assistant DAEDALUS 31.5.47-8.6.48 PEMBROKE 9.6.48-6.7.48 CLEOPATRA 7.7.48-17.10.49 PEMBROKE 18.10.49-10.11.49 SA/LSA COSSACK 11.11.49-18.11.51 LSA PEMBROKE 19.11.51-30.6.52 LSA/SPO (S) PEMBROKE IV 1.7.52-27.8.52 SPO(S) / S.CPO (S) ROYAL ARTHUR 28.8.52-8.10.52 SCP0(S) PEMBROKE IV 9.10.52-6.11.53 CERES 7.11.53-5.6.55 DELIGHT 6.6.55-8.4.56 PEMBROKE 9.4.56-30.4.56 SCPO (S) 1.5.56    

Warr  Frank

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Warren. Geoffrey  

COSSACK ?-1953 Leading Seaman Lived at Stubbington, Hants until he died in 1996

Warren. Geoffrey

Junior Stoker POM(E)


COSSACK 1950-1951 Ordinary Saman Part of the Steaming Party at the SS Ethel Moller incident.  

Warry. M. John

P/KX907685   Joined RN in 1952 Purchased discharge in 1960 MAIDSTONE 1952-1954 M(E)1 VICTORY RECRUIT VIGO PROTECTOR DOLPHIN 1956-1957 Torpedo Recovery Team COSSACK 1958-1960 DOLPHIN 1960

Watchorn. Cyril  

COSSACK 1957-1958 LM(E)

Waters. John .C. (Duffy)

COSSACK 1947-1949 Mr. *Gunner) Flotilla Gunner DF & I.

Waters. J.

COSSACK 1951-1952  Able Seaman

Watkins, Len

COSSACK 1948-1951 Leading Seaman (RC2) Died 25 Feb 2010.   Wife – Anne.


COSSACK 1957-1958 L.M.(E)

Wilson Dennis

COSSACK 1953-1955 Petty Officer Electrical Died 24 August 2017    

Wilson (Tug) John

COSSACK 1951-1953 PO Electrician  Joined as Boy Seaman 1938. Died 12 August 2001 aged 79    

Wilson. N.

COSSACK 1958-1959 L..M. (E)  

Wilson (Tug) T W

COSSACK 1946- Able Seaman Died September 2003.    

Womack. (Bill) W. J



  COSSACK 1948 Mess Boy Seaman’s Mess Canteen Flat.  


  COSSACK 1948 Ordinary Seaman    


  COSSACK 1955-1956 Ordinary Seaman    


  COSSACK 1955-1956 Boy    

Wood. A.R.

COSSACK 1953-1954 Sub Lt. Made Captain RN  

Wood. Brian Ronald

Born 25 Oct 1938.  Joined RN as J/Tel.2   Victoria Barracks  21.2.56. Ordinary Telegraphist MERCURY 23.4. 56- 24.4. 56 J/Tel.2 MERCURY 25.4. 56- 8.3. 57 Ord. Tel HARDY 9.3.57-8.8.57    Ord. Tel  PEMBROKE 9.8.57-20.9.57  Ord. Tel COSSACK (TAMAR) 21.9.57-4.11.57   Telegraphist COSSACK (TAMAR) 5.11.57-15.6.58   Telegraphist PEMBROKE 16.6.58-31.7.58  Telegraphist  PEMBROKE 1.8.58- 10.8.58  Radio Operator 2  Burnham W/T  (PRESIDENT) 11.8.58-14.9.58 Radio Operator 2 DAEDALUS 15.9.58-12.4.59  Radio Operator 2 REGGIO (PHOENICIA) 13.4.59-5.10.59 RO2                REGGIO (PEMBROKE IV)   6.10.59-14.12.59   RO2        MESSINA (PEMB IV) 15.12.59- 28.3.59  RO2             MESSINA (PHOENICIA) 29.3.59-12.6.60  RO2 MESSINA(SHEBA)  13.6.60- 19.12.60  RO2 VICTORY 20.12.60-2.2.61 RO2       MERCURY 3.2.61-8.6.61   RO2      MERCURY 9.6.61-26.6.61  RO1      Whitehall W/T (PRESIDENT) 27.6..61-30.9.61 RO1 Whitehall W/T (PRESIDENT) 1.10.61-28.10.61 A/LRO WALKERTON (PHOENICIA) 1.10.62-31.12.62 LRO  WALKERTON (PHOENICIA) 1.1.63-19.5.64 LRO(G)  WALKERTON (ST. ANGELO) 20.5.64-24.9.65 LRO(G          VICTORY 25.9.65-24.10.65  LRO(G) Discharged LS (9 years) expired       


COSSACK 1957-1958 Leading Writer


COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman

Woods. Tony

Greenwich DEVONSHIRE VENGENCE COSSACK 6.4.53 Sub LT Joined D57 as Sub Lt needing Bridge watchkeeping Certificate for promotion to Lt  

Woods. W.

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Seaman

Woolcombe. Michael

COSSACK 1947? Lt Cdr Squadron Communicator and ship’s signals officer

 Woollands. C    

COSSACK 1957-1958 Able Seaman                  

Wright John Alfred (Jack) (Shiner) ?J958341?:   COSSACK 1957-1958 Telegraphist Died aged 59 in 1997 from malignant melanoma.  Was at Christmas Island Tests. In RN for 22 years

Wright John Alfred

(This information has yet to be substantiated). Born in Amble Northumberland in 1937, joined the Navy in 1955 as an ‘Ordinary Telegraphist’. He went to Hong Kong in 1957 By 1960 he was based in Fish Hoek (Simonstown/ Simon’s Town), and by 1967 he left the Navy as Rating: LRO(G)

Wright. E.I.

COSSACK 1957-1958 M(E)1

Wright. L.  

COSSACK 1958-1959 Leading Cook (S)  

Wright. T.C.  

COSSACK Temporary Instructor Lt Flotilla Instructor Officer.  

Wykes-Sneyd, Roger.E.S.

COSSACK 1957-1958 Commander  RN To join the ship we had to fly out from the UK in January to Mombasa in Kenya were the ship was and as we sailed north towards Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) I recall that his first thought for his crew was for them to get acclimatised so those not on watch he gave every afternoon off until we reached there, due to the heat. Made Captain. Died 3 September 2000, buried in Wissett Churchyard, Suffolk


Yee Kan Bui

COSSACK 1958-1959  Cook (O)


COSSACK 1957-1958 Ordinary Seaman

Young. C.

COSSACK 1958-1959 M(E)/MEM1

Young. R.S.

C/KX727687   ROYAL ARTHUR 30.10.44-12.12.44 Stoker 2ND Class DUKE 13.12.44-16.1.45 IMPERIEUSE 17.1.45-12.3.45 PEMBROKE 13.3.45-1.4.45 ZEST 2.4.45-4.9.45 PEMBROKE 5.9.45-4.10.45 COSSACK 5.10.45-17.1.47 PEMBROKE 18.1.47-11.3.47 SUFFOLK 12.3.47-1.5.47 SUFFOLK 2.5.47-23.6.47 Stoker SUFFOLK 24.6.47-25.7.47 Stoker Mechanic PEMBROKE 26.7.47-6.8.47 GANNET 7.8.47- 12.11.47 PEMBROKE 13.11.47-19.1.48 Stoker Mechanic Released Class A –