Ship’s Company 1806 – 1816

Captain George Digby            January 1807 to 1810

The son of the very Revd William Digby Dean of Durham. He was brother of Henry Digby who captained HMS Africa at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and went on to become an Admiral. There is a family connection between Admiral Digby and Admiral Sherbrook VC who captained the fifth COSSACK

Captain Thomas Garth            November 1810 to April 1811

Captain William King             February 1812 to February 1813

Captain Lord Algeron Percy   August 1815 to 1816

Captain Robert Rodney          August 1814 to August 1815

Captain Thomas Searle           April 1811 to February 1812

Captain Edward Sibly             March 1814 to July 1814

Captain Francis Stanfell         February 1813 to March 1814

Captain James Wemyss          July 1814 to August 1814