Chairman’s Bulletin

Our Association is being moved into the 21st century with our new website which I welcome with open arms, and which I hope you all do as well.

Firstly, I thought I better put something about me as non members and visitors may not know me. I joined HMS Comus in the Far East in January 1957 as a young Able Seaman Gunner, full of excitement at being in the Far East for the first time. My job on joining was PO’s messman along with Sugar Tait who has become a life time friend along with several guys on that ship. I spent the first six months doing that job until I was move into HMS Terror Singapore RN Barracks as Comus was returning to the UK for the breakers and then as a ships company we took over HMS Cossack when she came out of refit. I remained on her until the middle of 1958 having various jobs including ‘A’ gun sweeper and visiting many exotic places, returning home to a well-earned leave, until I joined my next war canoe, but that’s another story.

I have been the Chairman for about eight years now and as our members are all aware, we have seen several changes and loss of membership, the latter mainly due to age. The committee has also had some significant changes during my tenure some of the old and bold taking a well-earned back seat, but still active in their support. I was voted in again at the April 2018 AGM (beating 100 other candidates in the queue!!!) for another two-year stint, but as I said it will be my last and I will retire from candidacy in 2020. The association is still well supported and is thriving plus it has a wonderful collection of documents, artifacts and personal items associated with HMS Cossack, which is down to the wonderful work of Keith & Carol Bachelor and I am sure will still be around for posterity when we are all long gone.

So, as we move into my final year as your chairman, I look forward to the association continuing for a long time maybe not in its present format but still there.

‘Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose- Lyndon.B.Johnson 1963.’

Ken Satterthwaite