HARRISON, E.P. (Peter)

COSSACK 1951 to 1954. P.O. Writer C/MX 841244.
Joined RN as a Probationary Writer on an S.S. engagement on 17/9/47 for Part 1 training, followed by Part 2 training at CERES.
On completion, rated Writer drafted to PEMBROKE (Staff of C-in-C Nore). Rated Ldg. Writer 12/9/49 and P.O. Writer 3/9/51.
Took passage in SS DILWARA to Hong Kong and joined COSSACK in December 1951. Left COSSACK for passage to UK in SS EMPIRE FOWEY 19/1/54.
Joined CALEDONIA 6/5/54, rated CPO Writer 5/5/56.
Drafted to PEMBROKE (Drafting Office) 13/9/56 and then moved with centralisation of the Naval Drafting to Lythe Hill House, Haslemere (PRESIDENT).
Drafted to Allied Forces Southern Europe, Naples 25/8/58 to 19/9/60. PRESIDENT (Commodore Naval Drafting) from 15/12/60 to 2/2/65.
Joined TIGER 3/2/65 until 14/2/66. Joined C-in-C Mediterranean's staff, Malta 30/3/66 until 27/3/68 then to PEMBROKE for S.D. Officers course.
Completing the course at R.N. College, Greewich,promoted to Supply Sub-Lieut(W)on 12/8/68,
appointed to PRESIDENT for the Naval Pay & Records Computer Study Team and to CENTURION on its commissioning.
Promoted to Supply Lieut.(W) 1971.
Retired from RN in 1973. Worked on Project Management control systems in manufacturing and in the oil & gas industry until finally retiring in 1994.