Hampstead Peter

COSSACK 21/2/1947 to 5/9/1947. Leading Writer. P/MX 762506. Captain (D)staff.
Joined RN as a Probationary Writer at ROYAL ARTHUR on 15/8/1945 and on to DUKE 29/8/1945 for Part 1 training. DEMETRIUS for Part 2 training 5/10/1945
being rated Writer on passing out in December 1945.
Took passage to Australia at the end of 1945, joining GOLDEN HIND then GOULD, in which he was rated Ldg. Writer (Temp), before transfer to TAMAR 14/9/46.
Rated Ldg. Witer 21/12/46 he joined COSSACK on 21/2/47. He returned to UK and was Released Class A on 11/2/1948.