Joined RN at Dartmouth aged 13. RODNEY April 1939 to Feb 1940, Midshipman. JERVIS (7th D.F.) in Home Fleet Feb 1940 to Apr 1940.
JUNO April to Sept 1940 (Norwegian campaign & East Coast convoys, Mediterranean – Battle of Calabria 9/7/40). MALAYA Sep 1940 to Nov 1940, RAMILLES, Acting Sub-Lieut.,
Nov to Dec 1940 (Battle of Spartivento Approaches. HURRICANE (B1 Escort Group), Lieutenant, Dec 1943 to Jan 1944. Sinking of U-652 Western Approaches.
RIOU Feb 1944 to Oct 1944, Lieutenant. Rescue of survivors
from U-527 and Focke-Wulf 200 and USA. HOTHAM Nov 1944 to July 1945, Home Fleet & D-day Normandy. VERNON July 1945 to Dec 1945 qualified as Torpedo Officer.
27/11/40) for passage to Gibraltar. VICTORY Jan to Apr 1941 for courses at Portsmouth. MALCOLM (8th Escort Group) May to Dec 1941, Sub-Lieut/Lieutenant,Western
VERNON Jan 1946 to March 1948 Instructional Staff. AJAX (1st Cruiser Squadron) June 1948 to June 1950 Mediterranean Palestine Patrol and Cirfu Channel incident.
VERNON/OSPREY June 1950 to April 1952, Lieut./Lt. Cdr. Instructional Staff (Tactics) and qualified as A/S Officer.
DUKE OF YORK May 1952, DIDO (Staff of F.O.C. Reserve Fleet) Aug 1952 to April 1954.
COSSACK (8th D,S.) April 1954 to July 1955. Lt.Cdr/Commander, TAS Officer – Korean War. MICHAEL Sep 1955 to Sep 1957, VERNON, .
PRESIDENT (JSSC Latimer Training Staff) Jan to July 1958, RN Tactical School, Woolwich (Directing Staff) Sep 1958 to July 1960. AFRIKANDER Aug 1960 to Nov 1961,
Commander/Captain, Staff Officer Operations to C-in-C South Africa and South Atlantic. MAIDSTONE/ADAMANT/FORTH, Captain in command May to July 1962.
PRESIDENT (SHAPE) Aug 1962 to March 1964 as Naval Deputy to UK National Representative, SHAPE (Paris). ST.VINCENT in command Aug 1964 to Aug 1966.
Ministry of Defence Sep 1966 to Sep 1968.
Retired at own request. Died 2nd April 2007, aged 82.