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Petty Officer Writer. P/MX 58765. Capt D’s Writer. Joined the RN 3 January 1939. Joined LO3 at
Southampton 22 May 1940 as a Leading Writer to 1941. Relieved PO Writer Tibbs. At BISMARCK action) Was put on First Lieutenant’s
Report after breaking out of ship just after joining at Southampton. Claimed to be none aufait with the shipboard routine regarding liberty boats as
they applied to writers who worked all hours. Was given a caution by Lt Gretton DSC (First Lieutenant) after Lt Wheeler RAN (OOD on the day in question) spoke up for
him. Survivor – Left his white shoes by the guard rail and swam to a Carley float throwing his cap away whilst doing so. Was picked up by HMS Legion which was detached to relieve the escorts to The Prince of Wales and the Repulse. On the escorts return the Legion went to the Azores for refuelling and landing the injured returning to
Gibraltar. Was then discharged to HMS Victory taking passage in HMS Rodney (His brother was onboard) to Loch Ewe. Was loaned a No 3 uniform by PO Writer on HMS Rodney. Was transported with other survivors to Inverness in open Army trucks. A good meal was made available at the Caledonian Hotel by the station and some survivors found partners to dance with to the music. It was then a train South to Royal Naval Barracks. Born in Penang of an East London Mother and an East Anglian Father. Had a brother and sister. Had a fiancée in Rosyth.Owned or used the following cameras that have been mentioned in other reports – 16mmCine camera bought with money from ‘Aunt May’ of America. A Leica belonging to the ship and his own Agfa Karat. Invalided out of the RN 1947. Worked for Hoover Ltd, 1948 –1956 WNLA Nyasaland. 1956 – 1960 Mine Secretary Dalnu Mine S Rhodesia. 1960 –1961 Accountant in Fort Pictoria. 1961-1962 Mine Secretary in various asbestos mines in Southern Rhodesia. 1982 – 1984 Head Office of African Mines Association. Born in Penang. Died 19 November 2004 in Newcarron, Falkirk.