Tipping. Trevor

Able Seaman P/SSX 22867. DSM (Awarded on HMS Petard for Enigma incident). Joined the RN 1937. Joined LO3 14 June 1938 (Boy Seaman) to 23 May 1940. Was lookout at the SS Borthwick incident.
Present at ALTMARK Incident and 2nd Battle of Narvik. Other ships IRON DUKE, SPIRAEA, PETARD. (Awarded DSM for part in destroying Italian submarine URSENK several aircraft and U559 – Enigma code captured – as Captain of the POM POM.
Left the RN 1957 to become a Sales Representative. Born 7 January 1921 Briscworth. Northampton. Died 9 July 2002 age 81