Severn. Charles Royston.

Ordinary Seaman. P/JX 197657. (Survivor discharged to HMS Victory taking passage in HMS Rodney)
(Living in Ripley at time of sinking) Born 13 December 1920 in Ripley, Derbyshire. He died in November 2000,
just a few weeks short of his 80th birthday. Daughter Maureen Jackson living in south Africa
Ordinary Seaman RANVR. 19 May 1941 to 26 August 1941 (HMS Victory 27 August 1941 to 26 October 1941. Born in CESSNOCK NSW AUSTRALIA . Promoted to the rank of sub lieutenant on the 22/ 01/42 while at King Alfred then went on to the Dinosaur on 6/4/42. Something happened on the Dinosaur and he was tried by a disciplinary court, proved guilty and dismissed his ship and severely reprimanded. There are reference numbers (482/214/1598) Promoted to lieutenant 22/01/43. Son Ian Shakespeare