Rhodes. Jim ‘Dusty’

Boy 1st Class/Ordinary Seaman/Able Seaman. SSX 24246 Joined the RN 1937. Onboard LO3 1938 to 1941 (Altmark
Incident and 2nd Battle of Narvik) Fx division. B gun 4.7 loader. Witness at the SS Borthwick inquiry. Member of the young seaman’s racing Whaler crew.
Re entered the Navy on 22 October 1946 to complete 12 years. New service number JX 801661. Originally from Sheffield. At one time engaged to Barbara Bridgett
for one year but eventually married a girl from Dover. Left RN 1947 (RNFR until 1951) See separate biography for further details.
Died in Canada on 20 August 2008.