Payton. John P. (Jack)

Leading Telegraphist. P/JX 142541. Originally from Salford he was onboard at January 1939. (Missing
presumed Killed 23.10.41) In the RN for 24 years. Age 41. In ships concert party playing the banjo and singing
comic songs) (married to Ada of Rawtenstall, Lancashire) son of Joseph Patrick and Maria Payton. He had three
children – Bernard, Theresa and Patricia. He was the correspondent with Layton Hill Convent School,
Blackpool. (Now St Mary’s Catholic College) A prize known as the COSSACK History Prize was presented in
his honour by his sister Mrs Nicol. It was last presented in 1949 to Zosia Gertler.
His niece Mary Nicol became a junior boarder in 1943.