Milton. Robert Charles

Signalman LO/X 4942 January 1940 to March 1940. On bridge at ALTMARK Incident.
Factory worker before the war Joined with Ron Maynard , Wallace Newman{Johnny}
stoker and two other stokers. Sid Hart Telegraphist .
March 1940 ZULU until hit by mine in River Forth
Transferred to MAORI until sunk in Malta 1941.
Ashore in signal station Malta during the Siege.
Returned to UK Oct 41 Next was “party M” and sent to Burma as combined
operations. Served in jungle on wireless vans. Sent to Akayab.
Returned to UK for demob in 1945 and joined the Port of London Police
Always said that the ARK ROYAL planes slowed down
Bismarck but at nightfall MAORI shadowed her and
slowed her down further by a well-placed torpedo.
Returned to UK for demobilisation in 1945. Emigrated
with family to Australia in 1973. Lives in Melbourne. –
aged 93 in 2015. Born 2 March 1921.