Marshall. ‘Raggy’ Albert William

Acting Leading Seaman Temporary. DSM.
(London Gazette 12 April 1940 for ALTMARK incident First seaman onboard)
P/JX 140520. ‘B’ 4.7 gun crew. Captain of the Mess Onboard at January 1939. Badly burnt (See account by
Ray Davies who says Raggy was put ashore at the Azores with one other) (Missing presumed Killed 23.10.41) Age
23 (married to Jessie Featherstone of Maltby, Rotherham, Yorkshire – Best man Reg Bower) son of John Thomas
and Eva May Marshall 93 Victoria Street,, Maltby..
Joined the RN at 15. Prior to COSSACK served on COURAGEOUS and ROYAL OAK.