Lloyd. A.E.V.

Stoker 1st Class. KX 92512. Joined RN 9 November
1937 Onboard LO3 9 June 1938 to July 1940. March 1941
to August 1941.(At BISMARCK action, ALTMARK
incident and Narvik) Later served in submarines from
May 42 until he first left the service on completion of his
12 years in 1949. He rejoined in April 1950 and then left
again in 1960 on completion of his time for pension. Left
RN 1960 to become taxi proprietor and then a caterer.
Mentioned in Despatches in October 1945 (Admiralty
271641). Served on Cossack, Cyclamen, Diligence,
Petunia, Puma, Submarines Astute, Recruit, Selene,
Striker,Theseus, Thresher, Token, Thule, Trenchant,
Upshot. Born 11 October 1919 on the Isle of Wight.
Worked as a farm labourer and a footman before joining
the RN. Died on the Isle of Wight 9 September 2003.