Lamb.(e) Cyril Frank ‘Ginger’

Acting Leading Seaman. (Temporary.) Onboard as an Able
Seaman at October 1939. Senior ASDIC rating. DSM.
((London Gazette 25 November 1941page 6772) for
Operations Style and Substance) P/JX 146508. Died on
HMS Legion (Buried at sea from HMS Carnation
24.10.41) Age 22 (single) Son of Frank and May of
Wolverhampton . Sister Mrs. Eileen Codd. Cyril attended
St Peter’s in 1931 followed by his sister a year later.
Parents ran The Summerfield., New Hampton Road West,
Whitmore Reans, in 1921. Butlers, who owned the pub
then, had let Cyril’s parents stay there, putting up with the
mess and keeping the pub open, while they did a big
modernisation, kicking them out when the job was finished
and putting in a younger man. Cyril’s father, Frank with
wife May, moved to the Coach and Horses, Snow Hill, and
later to the Criterion, in the centre of the town.
Able Seaman Lambe was on the bridge at the time of the
attack, and was seriously injured but swam for some time
through the oily seas to be picked up by HMS Carnation.
Because HMS Legion had a surgeon lieutenant on board it
was decided to ship all the seriously wounded by small
boat to the Destroyer. it seems that Able Seaman Lambe
was still alive when picked up and that only one of the
wounded died on HMS Legion. Eileen said how her
brother was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and
that her mother and father were invited to Buckingham
Palace to the investiture. May, Eileen’s mother went
forward to receive the medal from His Majesty King
George IV who asked her if she was there by herself. She
said, no, that her husband was in the crowd at the back of
the room. His Majesty had Frank, May’s husband, brought
forward and said to him. “You should be up here, to share
his honour.”
Frank and May Lambe, Cyril’s parents presented a pew to
be placed in the Lady Chapel of St. Peter’s Church