Knott. Stephen Thomas (W)

Ordinary Seaman. P/JX 237049. Joined RN at
COLLINGWOOD January 1941. Joined COSSACK July
1941 (At BISMARCK action) (Survivor discharged to
HMS Victory taking passage in HMS Rodney).Went to
EXCELLENT for training then joined QUORN as an Able
Seaman (3). Also served on MAGPIE and EXMOOR
before leaving the RN in January 1946. Worked in a local
paper mill followed by a fruit and veg shop. This was
followed by combined fruit and veg shop and a wet fish
shop. Later ventures saw him in a fish and chip shop and a
mobile fish and chip van working both sides of the
Medway. Died 26 December 2005 age 90.