Knight. Cecil Herbert

Able Seaman. P/J 30883. (Missing presumed Killed
23.10.41) Age 42 (married for seven years to Ivy Frances
of Kathleen Road Sholing, Hampshire) Son of Thomas
and Alice Knight. Served 26 yeas in the RN which he
joined aged 15 in May 1914. He was at the battle of
Jutland onboard HMS King George V and was later
engaged on minesweeping work. Soon after the First
World War his ship HMS Myrtle was sunk by a floating
mine. He was rescued and taken to Copenhagen.
Between wars he saw service on the China station, South
American Station and in the Mediterranean. His ships
included the Iron Duke, the Effingham (sunk during the
war), the Durban, the Delight and the Glasgow. Whilst in
the latter ship he helped to transport refugees from Spain
during the Spanish War. He left the Navy for a few
months in 1938 but rejoined in June 1939. At the
beginning of the war he was in HMS Suffolk and later
transferred to Cossack. Born in Bitterne he was possessor
of four medals including the 1914 –18 “Mine Clearance
Service Badge”

Able Seaman. P/J 30883. (Missing presumed Killed