Kirk. Harold. C

temporally from the AFRIDI while she was in refit.
Joined the RN as a Boy at GANGES in 1936 becoming a
Signal Boy in May 1938 when he joined IRON DUKE.
Three months later he was drafted to BARNHAM for 16
months and become an Ordinary Seaman. June 1939 saw
him in AFRIDI and apart from the short draft to L03
remained with the AFRIDI until she was sunk by German
aircraft NW of Trondheim, Norway on 3 May 1940. July
1940 saw him onboard a French torpedo boat
L’INCOMPRISE which had been “captured” from the
French Navy at Portsmouth on 3 April 1940. He was rated
Acting Leading Seaman before being drafted to
PACKENHAM. 6 months later he was rated Acting
Yeoman of Signals (Temporary). PACKENHAM was
severely damaged 6months later in a battle with Italian
torpedo boats at night off Maretimo. The ship was taken in
tow by the PALLADIN but was bombed the next day by
Italian aircraft and had to be sunk by the PALAIDIN.
Harold survived and carried on serving until June 1952
leaving as a full Yeoman of Signals. Died 26th July 2009.
He was 88 years old.
Signalman. October 1939 to March 1940? Transferred