Holmes. Donald

Boy Seaman/Ordinary Seaman. P/JX 160613 and
MX766244. Born 25 May 1923 in St Pancras London.
His father had been gassed in WW1 and died before
Donald was born and his mother not being able to cope
gave him up for adoption. Barnardo Boy. Attended naval
school aged 8 (Holbrook?) and at 12 joined HMS Ganges
as Boy sailor. Joined RN 21.11 1938 and left 13.10 1953
as EM 1. Onboard Cossack from commissioning to 27
October 1941. Was member of boarding party to try and
save her. (Survivor discharged to HMS Victory). Third
man aboard Altmark but broke ankle and was carried back
to his position on AA gun to give covering fire if needed.
Was a member of a working party on HMS HOOD
returning ashore on last boat before she sailed for the final
time. Served in HMS AJAX. Transferred to the Electrical
Branch. Was an electrician with music and computers for
hobbies. Holidayed in Southport. Lived at 14 Oxford
Street Glasgow before retiring to Troon. Died 11 February