Hiscock. ‘Vic’ A.V.

Ordinary Seaman. Able Seaman. P/JX 212238 Joined
August 1940 at Roysth. (AT BISMARCK action)
Navigators Yeoman. ‘A’ gun crew with Sandy Saunders,
Tubby Clarkson, Tanky Gates and Taxi Hack until two
days before last convoy then transferred to ‘Y’ gun crew.
Abandoned ship with Ron Poole. Survivor – picked up by
Legion and discharged to HMS Victory taking passage in
HMS Rodney to Loch Ewe. Decorations: 1939/45 Star.
Italy Star. Burma Star. Atlantic Star. North Africa Star.
General Service Medal. Malta Siege Commemorative
Medal. Came from Lymington. Other ships included
EXCELLENT, TETCOTT. Left RN 1946 to resume being
a bricklayer. Died 11 October 2003. Wife Betty