Grant. ‘Nobby’ Arthur David Henry Lewis

Able Seaman/Acting Leading Seaman. DSM for making Telegraphist. October 1939 to March 1940?
Secure loose depth charges during a storm . Tied himself to the rail and a loose depth charge and waited for the next watch to come and assist. At Altmark Incident – His wife
was a catholic and he wasn't and when he went back after one leave she had bought him a silver cigarette case and had his initials engraved on it.
It is flat and on the top where his initials are there is a little place for matches and she asked him to put a Miraculous Medal of the Virgin Mary in it to keep him safe.  He did so to please her and also put a photo of his wife with it. 
A bullet hit it and it is all bent and you can see the impact.  He was a bit embarrassed to tell the story .
(COSSACK May 1938 to April 1941. ). See Newsletter 1/2002. Joined the Queens Own Surrey’s Regiment 1924 (Age 14) (Lance Corporal Lewis Gunner) and transferred to the RN 1926 where he served until 1946. Ships include the ALACRITY, BENBOW (1941), BERWICK (1928-1929), GLENGYLE. Born 27.9.1910. Died November 1993 aged 83