Farmer. Eric

Telegraphist. P/SSX 28764 Onboard as an Ordinary
Telegraphist at October 1939 (Missing presumed killed
23.10.41) Age 20 (single) Son of Alfred and Sarah Ann of Thornton, Leics. Prior to joining the RN he worked at S D Strettons in Leicester. This was a clothing factory before the War.
LX 22311 (Maltese) Born 17 June 1915. Died 8.3.84. Joined RN on 21.9.37 at Malta as assistant cook. Joined Cossack 9 June 1938 as Cook (Officers) and left for Zulu on 9 October 1940. Left the RN 20.9.59 as PO Cook. Three good conduct badges and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. 39-45 Star, Africa Star, Atlantic Star, Italy Star, War Medal, Oak Leaf. Joined RAF Malta as civilian until 1976.