Ewing. Tomas.S.

Only son of Mr and Mrs Walter Ewing of 81 High Street, Portbello, Edinburgh. Grandson – Keith Hunter.
Part of the boarding Party for the Altmark Incident Joined RN 1937 Died 1981
Joining the ship's company on 14 June 1938 just before she sailed to Gibraltar on 8 July and then on to Malta on 12 July 38. Think he left the Cossack in the spring of 1941.  He was on the Manchester probably from her refit in April 1941.  So would have been on her rather than the Cossack during the Bismarck Sortie.  He was definitely on board the Manchester in July 1941 when she set off for Malta.  He was one of the lucky ones to be rescued when she was attacked and scuttled in August 42 – the reason for the gap in his service after this is that he was injured and spent some time back in Scotland convalescing.