Doring. Reginald A. G.

Ordinary Signalman (Leading Signalman 1944)
P/JX 190635. Joined RN April 1940. September1940 at Roysth – 23 October 1941 (Ships books show 19 August) First experience of L03 guns fired in anger was October 1940 off Egersund Norway when ambushing a German Convoy (At BISMARCK action) (Survivor. Wounded 23.10.41. Abandoned ship by scrambling over torpedo tubes and jumping from the starboard side. Picked up by HMS Carnation and discharged to military hospital (One week) and HMS Cormorant). Passage home in HMS Zulu which was part of a screen to RODNEY. Ships Royal Arthur, Victory, After COSSACK went to RNB then MERCURY for signal exam followed by RINGWOOD (An old Southern Railway cattle boat used as a netlayer) Drafted to SCYLLA Dido class AA Cruiser – Capt. MacIntyre) Collected AMEER (Escort carrier) from USA Released March 1946. Became GPO Telegraphist and then joined Custom and Excise. Died 18 September 2001 (Wife Edna Died December 2002)