De Pass. Daniel. ‘hard over Danny’

Captain 28 December 1937 – 28 December 1939 (Incurred their Lordships Displeasure for the collision with SS Borthwick 7.11.39) (Superseded by Captain R. St. V. Sherbrook VC). Before acceptance from the builders the ship sailed down the Tyne to the North Sea where the ship builders transferred to a tug. De Pass then ordered ‘Full Steam Ahead’ As the engines had not been run in serious damage was caused to the engines and L03 had to return for repairs.
15 October 1911 Sub Lt
15 October 1913 Lt
15 October 1921 Lt Cmdr
31 December 1926 Cdr
31 December 1934 Captain
Retired 8 January 1944