Day. Peter A.C.

Sub Lt.(Seaman Executive) Joined RN April 1938.Appointed 14 May 1941 and joined 16 May 1941 AT Dartmouth to 23 October 1941 (At BISMARCK action). Survivor-found at foot of bridge ladder-seriously injured 23.10.41 with multiple burns, broken leg, fractured scull and concussion. Discharged to HMS Cormorant. Took passage back to UK in Manxman after 2 months in Gibraltar. (Made Lt Cdr) Left RN June 1967 and became a master thatcher for 15 years. Ships include EREBUS, VINDICTIVE, CUMBERLAND, DRYAD, EXCELLENT, DOLPHIN, S/M TAKU, NIGERIA, ROMOLA, URANIA, ULLYSES, RESOURCE, SLUYS, COLLINGWOOD, PHOENIX, GLORY, DAEDALLUS, COLL, MELITA, MEDITATOR VANGUARD, SHEFIELD, MULL of GALLOWAY. Wife Betty
Died 21 February 2007. Wife Betty died 29 March 2014.