Dauvin. Francis Albert

Able Seaman. RFR. P/J 94056. (Missing presumed killed 23.10.41) Age 39 (married to Lilian Francis of Stamshaw, Portsmouth) Son of Louisa Mary Dauvin
Lt. (Gunnery Officer) Joined RN as a cadet 1926. Joined LO3 Sunday 15 September 1940 –1941 (At BISMARCK action) (Survivor. Wounded 23.10.41 & discharged to HMS Cormorant) Left RN 1946 to become Warden of Windsor Castle 1966 – 1973. Became Rear Admiral CB, CVO. Ships included BRITANNIA, BARHAM, DANAE, DESPATCH, DUNCA, EXCELLENT, REPULDSE, DRAKE, INDFATIGABLE, TRIUMPH, PELICAN. Died 14 January 2003 aged 90.