Paymaster Sub Lt. (Temp. Pay. Lt.) DSC RNVR.
Joined RNVR 1938. Called up 23 August 1939 (Appointed October 1939) Joined COSSACK at Alexandria two days before war broke out. At BISMARCK action . At ALTMARK incident (Spoke fluent German) – Held 8 German Merchant officers and the German Navy Captain prisoners on the bridge with a pistol (5 rounds) accompanied by one seaman armed with a bayonet. Distinguished Service Cross (London Gazette 12 April 1940.
At the time of the sinking of L03 saw the torpedo approaching on the Port side. (Wounded 23.10.1941 & discharged to HMS Cormorant) Secretary to Captain D- Berthon – at the time of the sinking. Picked up by LEGION (Made Lt Cdr) Declared unfit for sea service because of injuries to foot he spent the remainder of the war on the staff of Admiral Ramsey at Dover planning for the D day landings. This is where he met his wife Felicity. Left RN 1948 to become export director for Shell.
Died 11 February 2004.