Broom. David George.

Wife Audrey died 1991. Died 10 August 2009 age 86 leaving son David and daughter Gale.

Quote from his son “At Buckingham Palace he proudly showed the Duke of Edinburgh Cossack's battle ensign that he had salvaged after the 2nd battle of Narvik
The D of E said ” You nicked that!… should be in the Naval Museum ” as witnessed by my Sister, Dad's reply in the face of such authority was simply
 ” When I am dead and gone, my son will follow my instructions and see to it, that together with my other mementos and documents it is made available to the Cossack Association!”
The D of E smiled and walked on………”
These mementos consisting of the 5ft sq remains of the L03 battle ensign from the 2nd Battle of Narvik and bits and pieces of the ship have been framed and are in the HMS Cossack Association Archives.