Brockhurst. R.O.

Able Seaman. P/JX 156413. Attended Alma road and Talbot Village Schools.
Joined RN 1937 at HMS Ganges. Onboard as a Boy Seaman at October 1939 Joined at Malta. X gun crew (At BISMARCK action, Narvik and ALTMARK incident)
(Survivor discharged to HMS Victory age 18 at the time). Picked up by CARNATION (Returned onboard to attempt salvage of L03- Mentioned in Dispatches) Returned to Gibraltar in JONQUIL.
Left the RN as commissioned Gunner in 1951 to become aircraft electrician, planning engineer, technical author. Son of Mr and Mrs Broom formally of 66 Eldon Road Winton, Bournemouth.
His father was employed by the local electric light company and in the Home Guard. His mother in the ATS.