Boyt Lane. Walter  Frederick

Lt Cdr. (E) 31.08.39 to end April 1940.
At the 2nd Battle of Narvik – praised in the Captain’s report. He won the DSC at Narvik & was Mentioned in Despatches for his service on HMS Warspite. ( London Gazette 34885 28 June 1940)
Engineer in Chief, Bath 1957,  Director of Marine Engineering Admiralty 1958-1961. Retired a Rear Admiral. Walter Lane (1909-1988) Rear Admiral, CB, DSC.M.I Mech. E, M.I Mar. E. 
Son of Walter Herbert Lane, and Blanche Gertrude Adams, of Portsmouth, and Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Born 7.2.1909 and died 24.5.1988 in Winchester.
Married 15 August 1931) Gladys Anne Littlecott (1908-1991), daughter of Edwin Littlecott, of Southsea; one son Richard Lane. (Ealing London 2015)
Midshipman 15.09.1926
S.Lt. 01.01.1929
Lt. 01.11.1930
Lt.Cdr. (E) 01.11.1938
Cdr. (E) 30.06.1942
Capt. (E) 31.12.1950
R Adm 23.09.1957 (retd 20.01.1961)
CB 01.01.1960
New Year 60 [investiture 23.02.60]
28.06.1940 DSC
2nd Battle of Narvik [investiture 17.11.42]
MID 03.02.1942
Battle of Cape Matapan
Education: RN Engineering College & RN College 1924 joined RN as an artificer apprentice at HMS Fishguard 1926
RNEC as a Midshipman apprentice (E)
HMS Barham
HMS Valiant 1933
Advanced Engineering course Greenwich –won Admiralty Prize
HMS Hermes – Senior Engineer 1936
Engineer – in Chiefs Department 31.08.1939 (04) 1940
HMS Cossack (destroyer) (DSC) 27.05.1940
HMS Warspite (battleship) (despatches)
no appointment listed 19.10.1942
an Engineer Inspector, Department of the Engineer-in-Chief, Admiralty [HMS President] 1943
Commander to E-in-C Bath
Chatham dockyard –Assistant manager – design and development of the ASRI engine 1948
Director of Studies at the Royal Naval Engineering College Manadon 1950
Promoted to Captain serving with E.A.P. Mar 52
SEO( Flotillas) Mar 54
Assistant E-in-C Technical Admiralty Bath—nuclear propulsion 1957
Deputy Engineer-in-Chief, Admiralty [HMS President] (Flag Rank) 01.10.1958
Director of Marine Engineering, Admiralty [HMS President] (CB) 1961 FIMechE, MIMarE.