Berthon Edward Lyon

Captain DSC (Succeeded Vian) 10 July 1941 – Killed 23.10.41 Age 47 Previous ship KEITH sunk at Dunkirk. Lived at ‘Moorings’ Home Farm Close Esher.
Married Miss Doris Brown in 1930 at Wimbledon and had a son ( Aged 6 in 1941). Joined the RN 1907 and made Lt in 1947. Gained DSC during 1st WW for sinking a submarine in the Mediterranean.
Promoted to Commander in 1920. 1930 found him in Auckland. New Zealand followed by a destroyer flotilla at Portsmouth.
In 1935 was on CRUSADER which visited the Thames during Jubilee Year. Was promoted to Captain in 1936 and appointed to WINCHESTER.
Took charge of the naval establishment at Ceylon in 1938. When the war started he was appointed Captain of the Dover Patrol where his ship was sunk at Dunkirk.
A mention in despatches and COSSACK followed. Other ships WILD SWAN.
Born 15 September 1894 – Demerera British Guiana.
9/15/1916 Lt
9/15/1924 Lt Cdr
12/31/1929 Cdr
6/30/1937 Captain
6/22/1917 DSC
7/23/1918 Bar to DSC
8/16/1940 Mentioned in Dispatches 25.11.1941 DSO (Posthumous)
DSO (Posthumous)