Bath Fred G

Able Seaman. P/SSX 29693. Joined the RN in 1937 and was serving in RAMILIES when war was declared. Attended Whale Island to become a AA3 before joining L03.
1940 – 1941 (At Altmark Incident,2nd Battle of Narvik, Malta convoys and Bismarck action) Gunner (POMPOM)
(Survivor picked up by CARNATION and discharged to HMS Victory taking passage in HMS Rodney).
Qualified as a AA2 and drafted to HYTHE a Bangor class minesweeper operating out of Malta during the siege. Mentioned in despatches.
He took part in the Italy / Sicily campaigns until HYTHE was sunk by U371 off Bougie,
Algeria whilst escorting convoy GU18 from Malta to Gibraltar. Fed was one of 14 to survive. Drafted to VERNON he was on landing craft for the D day landings.
1945 saw him drafted to FISHGUARD an American built Banff class sloop operating out of Freetown as an escort to convoys in the Indian Ocean.
However he did not make it as the war ended and he returned to the UK for demob in 1946 and went on to 5 years with the Reserve.
Married Phyllis in 1944 and had 7 children. Married 65 years – known each other for 70 years. Became a milkman until he retired.
Diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2009. Died at 2130 10 November 2009 five weeks after his wife.
Two of their sons joined the RN each serving 23 years as a CPO Caterer and CPO PTI