Crossed the bar

Shipmate Jack Race, aka John Dennis Race, passed over the bar on 23rd October, aged 91.
He served in D57 as a Signalman 1946-48 and had been a member of the Association since 1994. The funeral service was held at St. Paul’s Church, Alverthorpe on 13th November followed by burial at Sugar Lane Cemetary, Wakefield. The coffin was covered by our White Ensign (provided by our Membership Secretary), members of the RAF Association were also in attendance, this was because Jack had also served in the RAF during WW2 and joined the Navy to see the world after he was released.

Shipmate Jack Price passed over the bar on 6th November.
Our Chairman Ken and Standard Bearer Martin Loughlin attended the funeral, Ken carried our Association standard and Martin carrying that of Watford RNA. Jack joined the Navy as a Boy at GANGES in January 1947 and after passing out spent time in ULSTER in the Training Flotilla before being drafted to LOCH ARKAIG in the 4th Escort Group. Rated Ordinary Seaman he then went on the RP3 course for his specialisation. Next came GABBARD in the 5th D,F., in the Home Fleet, rated Able Seaman and then a short spell in DUNCANSBY HEAD, part of the Reserve Fleet at Sheerness before he was off to DRYAD for the RP2 course. Early in 1952 he caught the slow boat to China (the troopship) and joined COSSACK. Jack, having been rated up to Leading Seaman in 1954, left the ship in 1955, returning to the UK. His 7 years with the Fleet were up and he was then discharged to the RFR. He was rated Petty Officer whilst in the RFR. He spent his working life after the Navy in the insurance business.

Shipmate Brian Luter passed over the bar on 10th June 2018.
served in D57 1958 – 1960 as an LEM and joined the Association in 1996.

Shipmate T.G. Kay passed over the bar on 14th May 2018.
He served as a Ldg. Sea in D57 between 1951 – 1954

Shipmate Robert (Bob) Milton
He lived in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia and the only information we have had on his passing over was the return in June of the last newsletter marked “Return to sender – Addressee deceased. He was born on 2nd March 1921 and would have been age 96 when he died this year.
He served in Cossack (L03) only for a short time, Jan to March 1940. He was a Signalman and was on the bridge during the Altmark Incident. He had been a factory worker befire the war. He joined ZULU in March 1940, until she was his by a mine in the Firth of Forth. He then transferred to MAORI, until she was sunk in Malta in 1941 and was then ashore in the signal station in Malta during the Siege. He returned to the UK in October 1941. Next he joined “Party M” and was sent to Burma on combined operations. He served in the jungle on wireless vans and was sent to Akayab. He returned to UK for demob in 1945 and joined the Port of London Police. Bob always maintained that, although the attack by ARK ROYAL’s planes had slowed down BISMARCK, MAORI shadowed he at nightfall and slowed he down further by a well-placed torpedo.
He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1973.